These aren't quite the hardest Street Fighter 5 characters to master, but they're definitely not easy; EventHubs roundtable technical tier list part 3

Characters 20-11

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 19, 2020 at 4:32 p.m. PDT | Comments: 24

We're nearing the end of our current roundtable discussion as a portion of the writing staff here on EventHubs orders the entire cast of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition in terms of how technical or difficult each character is to play.

Today's article features batch three of four and highlights fighters such as Sagat and Kolin, two avatars who require higher than average levels of thought and execution to become efficient with.

Our ratings are based around how difficult it is to understand and efficiently set a character's gameplan in motion. Avatars that require stricter timings, more particular spacing, and who may have to keep extra mental juggling pins in the air are going to place closer to the top of the list while those who have a more straightforward and easy to execute arsenal are going to place lower.

The fact that players must learn and juggle two separate forms that essentially represent two different characters when playing Zeku, for instance, is going to count for a good bit in this arena.

One might be quick to boil down one of today's picks, Sagat, to a simple frenzy of Tiger Shots and Tiger Uppercuts. While these are surely staples of his zoning style, those who have used the latest version of The King know that if you go into battle without a deep enough understanding of precisely which Tiger Shots to use and where to throw them from, you're going to have a hard time winning.

Sagat also presents an interesting style that seems to draw (almost down the middle) from both Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 5. Being able to shift gears on a dime from zoning to defensive footsie play isn't as easy at it may sound, and failing to stop just one of your opponent's advances puts you in a very unfavorable situation.

Tack on the nuances of needing to juggle anti-air options depending on distance and the fact that he uses kara-movements relatively often in combos and for positioning and you have yourself a character who ranks in the top half of the technical skill chart.

To come to our overall conclusion we each ranked the entire roster and noted the rank each character placed (1-40, with 1 being the most difficult/technical to play and 40 being the easiest). We then averaged each character's four scores to come up with a master order.

The plan is to share our results, 10 at a time, over the course of four separate articles. The last of these will be the upcoming EventHubs Podcast episode, (where we'll go through the entire list and discuss some of our biggest points of interest) to be posted this coming Wednesday.

If you haven't already, be sure to look over our articles detailing characters 40-31 as well as characters 30-21.

Check out the results for this portion of the ordering below and please let us know where you agree and disagree in the comments after you're done.

Technical Tier List 20-11


11. Chun-Li* - 11.00
11. Seth* - 11.00
13. Urien - 11.75
14. Falke* - 13.25
14. Kolin* - 13.25
16. F.A.N.G - 14.75
17. Lucia - 15.75
18. Cody - 17.25
19. Sagat - 17.50
20. Kage - 18.75


11. Dhalsim
12. Ibuki
13. F.A.N.G
14. Kolin
15. Falke
16. Urien
17. Akuma
18. Kage
19. Sagat
20. Lucia


11. Vega
12. Poison
13. Lucia
14. G
15. Kolin
16. Nash
17. Abigail
18. F.A.N.G
19. Sagat
20. Seth


11. Dhalsim
12. Ibuki
13. Kolin
14. F.A.N.G
15. Urien
16. Sagat
17. Akuma
18. Kage
19. Sakura
20. Nash


11. Chun-Li
12. Lucia
13. Falke
14. Urien
15. Kolin
16. Seth
17. Cody
18. F.A.N.G
19. Akuma
20. Sagat

Asterisks denote a tie between adjacent characters

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