Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 registration begins, here's the full lineup and notable rules to enter

You must be this tall and fast to enter the virtual ride

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 19, 2020 at 6:12 a.m. PDT | Comments: 18

In a generally unsurprising move given the current state of the world and offline events, Capcom announced last week that their Pro Tour would be moving entirely online for 2020 after being in limbo for months.

Now, registration for the 18 Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 tournaments are opening up for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition starting with the first block in the eastern half of North America.

Registration is being handled through where players can enter for free if they meet the requirements needed to join the online competitive space.

These requirements include a wired internet connection — Wi-Fi players identified in a tournament will be banned for the rest of the season — along with at least 3Mbps upload speed though the registration form also asks for download speed and average ping as well.

Most of the rest of the rules will probably look familiar for anyone who has previously participated in a CPT Online event before with the standard list of stages like Kanzuki Beach and The Grid banned from use though so are some of the costumes and colors like Blanka-chan.

Each region will get two open tournaments throughout the year until November except for China and Australia who will each only receive one slot.

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Instead of the standard 32-man bracket for Capcom Cup 2020, there will be 20 players in total invited to participate in the offline finals with 18 online winners, previous Capcom Cup champion iDom automatically qualifying and one final spot voted on by the community out of the other 31 Capcom Cup 2019 finalists.

All 20 participants will have their airfare and hotel costs covered by Capcom in order for the players to attend as is usually the case.

The base prize pool for Capcom Cup 2020 is currently set at $200,000 in total with 50 percent going to the winner though that number will likely grow with the 2020 CPT DLC for Street Fighter 5.

Capcom Cup 2020 will not be held in Paris, France like initially announced and will instead be moving back to the United States though we'll need to wait longer to find out where and when.

You can find out more information regarding entry and rules on the Capcom Pro Tour website. The full listing of online events has been included below.

Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 Schedule

North America East 1 — June 6–7

Europe East and Middle East 1 — June 13–14

Asia South East 1 — June 27–28

South America 1 — July 4–5

Europe West 1 – July 18–19

Asia East 1 – July 25–26

Central America 1 — August 1–2

North America West 1 — August 15–16

North America East 2 — August 29–30

Europe East and Middle East 2 — September 12–13

Asia South East 2 - September 19–20

South America 2 — September 26–27

Europe West 2 — October 10–11

Central America 2 — October 17–18

Asia East 2 — October 24–25

China — November 7–8

Australia — November 14–15

North America West 2 — November 21–22

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