Who are Street Fighter 5's hardest and easiest characters to play? EventHubs' roundtable technical tier list part 2

Characters 30-21

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 18, 2020 at 2:46 p.m. PDT | Comments: 41

We're continuing our latest roundtable endeavor as four of us here on the EventHubs staff are ranking every character on the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition roster by how difficult we perceive they are to play.

MajinTenshinhan, DreamKing, Catalyst, and I have already posted our top 10 easiest fighters, and are moving on today to ranks 30-21.

Our ratings here are based around how difficult it is to understand and execute a character's general gameplan. Avatars that require stricter timings, more particular spacing, and who may have to keep extra mental juggling pins in the air are going to place closer to the top of the list while those who have a more straightforward and easy to execute arsenal are going to place lower.

The fact that players must learn and juggle two separate forms that essentially represent two different characters when playing Zeku, for instance, is going to count for a good bit here.

Laura made it to this portion of everyone's list as the electrifying Brazilian grappler doesn't appear to be among the game's easiest to learn, but doesn't require too much exploration before players can start to get into the groove and use her with adequate understanding and execution.

While miss Matsuda is the only character that appears on all four of our 30-21 rankings, Blanka, Zangief, E. Honda, Guile, Sakura, and Rashid notably pop up in three of the four.

The plan is to share the results, 10 at a time, over the course of four separate articles. The last of these will be the upcoming EventHubs Podcast episode, (where we'll go through the entire list and discuss some of our biggest points of interest) to be posted this coming Wednesday.

To come to our overall conclusion we each ranked the entire roster and noted the rank each character placed (1-40, with 1 being the most difficult/technical to play and 40 being the easiest). We then averaged each character's four scores to come up with a master order.

Check out the results for this portion of the ordering below and please let us know where you agree and disagree in the comments after you're done.

Technical Tier List 30-21


21. Akuma - 19.00
22. Nash - 21.25
23. Sakura - 21.50
24. Abigail* - 24.50
24. E. Honda* - 24.50
26. Rashid - 25.50
27. Zangief* - 25.75
27. Blanka* - 25.75
29. Laura - 27.75
30. Ed - 28.00


21. Cody
22. E. Honda
23. Rashid
24. Blanka
25. Sakura
26. Ryu
27. Ed
28. Guile
29. Nash
30. Laura


21. Chun-Li
22. Kage
23. Sakura
24. Zangief
25. Guile
26. Rashid
27. Akuma
28. Laura
29. Alex
30. R. Mika


21. Falke
22. Lucia
23. Blanka
24. Zangief
25. Abigail
26. E. Honda
27. Ed
28. Cody
29. Laura
30. R. Mika


21. Kage
22. E. Honda
23. Sakura
24. Nash
25. Rashid
26. Zangief
27. Blanka
28. Laura
29. Abigail
30. Guile

Asterisks denote a tie between adjacent characters

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