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Tokido outlines six special skills for fighting games like Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 18, 2020 at 8:07 p.m. PDT • Comments: 7

When it comes to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, Rohto|Tokido is often revered as one of the most consistent competitors in the world. He's notably been a top tier threat in the Capcom Pro Tour throughout the seasons.

Needless to say, he has a deep understanding of the skills necessary to become the best at fighting games. In a video transcribed by FGC Translated, Tokido recently outlined six special skills that he uses during his fighting game sessions.

Tokido outlined the first skill while he had a considerable life lead over iXA|StormKubo's Abigail. It was here that Tokido decided to "take things slow."

Indeed, knowing when to slow down the pacing of the match is an essential skill. There's not really a need to take major risks with such a lead in the round.

"And not getting emotionally upset is also a skill," continued Tokido. Notably, Street Fighter 5 is a fighting game where a player can lose from a single momentum swing. As a result, being able to keep your emotions in check is an invaluable asset during gameplay.

Eventually, Tokido found himself backed into a corner. Upon successfully hitting Abigail, Tokido opted for a combo that switched both players' positions.

"Switching sides here is another skill," noted Tokido. Stage awareness is most certainly an important skill to have while playing any fighting game. It's sometimes necessary to sacrifice some damage by performing a weaker combo if it pins the opponent into the corner.

Following this interaction, Tokido whiff punished Abigail with Akuma's air fireballs. This prompted Tokido to point out that following up with Akuma's Dragon Punch after a Critical Art combo is yet another skill.

Although this tech is specific to Akuma, it does say something about knowing your character's options. Be aware of your main's strengths and weaknesses.

Keeping an eye on the opponent's available meter was also noted as being an important skill. Even RB|Daigo recently advised another player on managing meter efficiently.

Tokido then noted a sixth and final skill during the streamed session. Since Tokido now plays both Urien and Akuma, he has to keep aware of the life differences between the two.

In the fifth season of Street Fighter 5, Urien has 1,025 life while Akuma only has 900. Knowing when your character will die if you make an incorrect read is an important factor to take into account during decision making.

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