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'Did he just lag in real life?' - The Keef Crew's take on EVO Online's announcement and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's exclusion hits down to the core

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 16, 2020 at 8:29 a.m. PDT • Comments: 19

When EVO Online was first teased following the offline major's cancellation, players around the world wondered how their games would hold up in a large netplay setting. One community, however, had their concerns answered rather directly, as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate did not make the list.

The Keef Crew put together a hilarious skit at the time warning of the impending Wi-Fi warriors, but now with Smash no longer part of the equation, their newest video takes on the exclusion and how the various scenes reacted to the news.

As he hypes himself up about playing on a Walmart router with his Online Sonic main, Keef walks up to a door labeled "EVO" that he can't seem to open. He tries again, but Skullgirls answers the door who has a laugh at Smash's plight and poor netcode.

Street Fighter's pretty chill about the whole thing sitting outside though does joke that the EVO announcement wasn't really clear about what it and the other original games would be doing if they don't have open tournaments.

Dragon Ball FighterZ speaks up to give Smash crap about their online before pulling a clever lag gag that I'm sure pretty much any fighting game player can relate with.

We won't say too much else about the video other to say there's an r/Kappa conspiracy to remove Smash Bros. from EVO forever and Tekken 7 has a bit too much fun with the whole affair. We will warn you though there is some brief NSFW language below.

Sent in by Cael, Oscarbolt and anonymous users.

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