Why Corrin is so difficult to get into Elite Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 10, 2020 at 8:44 p.m. PDT | Comments: 11

In my (off and on) quest to get every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate into Elite Smash, I recently came across Corrin on the character select screen. Despite hearing multiple times that Corrin is a low tier, I was under the impression that Corrin was significantly underrated. Combining this with my experience with Smash 4 Corrin, I figured this particular run would be a breeze.

Although I did eventually manage to succeed in getting Corrin into Elite Smash, I was surprised to run into a number of hurdles during the process. Indeed, I had overestimated Corrin's abilities going into this.

On paper, Corrin seems really basic and simple. There certainly are advantages to being a familiar sword user in the Super Smash Bros. series. Most of the fundamentals of the Fire Emblem cast carry over to one another.

However, I found that there was actually a learning curve that I needed to overcome during my sessions with Corrin. While Corrin's gameplan is fairly straightforward, some adjustments were ultimately necessary.

Inevitably, figuring out what works with Corrin ended up being a trial by fire. Simply put, taking losses to my GSP (Global Smash Power) was absolutely necessary before I could get it to rise.

Here are the reasons why Corrin can be so difficult to get into Elite Smash:

Too honest

I almost immediately realized just how painfully honest Corrin is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There's very little that a player can do with Corrin that will surprise opponents.

Most of the Fire Emblem rep's ground normals simply "exist" within their toolkit. Jab, forward tilt, down tilt, up tilt, up smash, and down smash range from being OK at best and useless at worst. A number of these attacks don't really have any standout properties about them.

Corrin is only able to succeed mostly thanks to their aerials. Neutral aerial, forward aerial, back aerial, and up aerial offer a lot of utility. Down aerial also isn't too bad, but it has to be used sparingly.

Learning how to effectively use Corrin's Dragon Lunge (the side special) is absolutely necessary. It's their best special, but it might not seem too spectacular initially.

Corrin's counter is unfortunately too slow to be used in the same situations as certain other counter specials. If it hits, it's very strong but good luck finding the right circumstance where this works. You need hard reads to get any mileage out of this.

Since up special doesn't travel very far, Corrin's ability to go off the stage to edge guard opponents is rather limited. Still, recovering from a disadvantage situation usually isn't too troubling as this recovery option offers a lot of invincibility. There will be situations where Corrin still fails to make it back though.

Eventually though, I was able to discover a "dirty" setup with Corrin. Under the right circumstances, most characters (and most players) won't be able to deal with the active hitboxes that are attached to Corrin's charging forward smash. Although this is a fairly match up dependent tool, I felt like I was able to win matches that I would've otherwise lost without this trick.

Has to maintain control of the neutral

This kind of goes along with the concept that Corrin is "too honest" in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Corrin seems like a character that needs to consistently succeed in the neutral.

While it's true that Corrin does have the potential to juggle opponents, they're not really gifted with the greatest ability to land hit confirms. In addition to this, Corrin's damage feels to be on the average side.

Since Corrin is armed with a sword, their poking game is actually above average. Despite this, some fighters still have a better neutral than Corrin. It doesn't help that many of these same fighters don't even necessarily need to win neutral quite as often in order to defeat Corrin.

Playing patiently with Corrin is an absolute must. The character isn't exactly mobile so it generally doesn't pay to be overly aggressive.

Although Corrin's landing options are good, they can still be disrespected and punished. Again, Corrin's lack of mobility can make it hard to escape disadvantage. This is a big part of the reason why Corrin has to keep control of the neutral — even if the opposing character has access to a superior neutral.

To beat opponents that shield a lot, it's essential to incorporate Corrin's throws. Even though Corrin's throws don't deal a lot of damage or create combo opportunities, they give them the stage control they so desperately need in many match ups.

Kill power troubles

In terms of killing enemies, Corrin is pretty limited. You generally need to stick to using forward smash, side special, back aerial, and up aerial.

Of course, up throw can work at very high percentages. There's also down aerial, but this is particularly risky considering its suicidal tendencies.

During my first few matches with Corrin, I was surprised at how weak up smash and down smash were. I figured that it was better for Corrin's gameplan to simply forget about their existence.

Using Corrin's neutral special is an option, but I found that it was generally too slow and too situational to hit anyone with this. Like Corrin's down special, you need a hard read for this to work.

As mentioned before, Corrin's most consistent kill moves are forward smash, side special, back aerial, up aerial, and up throw. Learning how to land these attacks is necessary to make Corrin work.

Differences to Smash 4

Corrin was generally looked at as one of the stronger challengers in Super Smash Bros. 4. If you spent time playing Corrin during this era, then you'll really notice the nerfs in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Most notably, Corrin's Dragon Lunge (the side special) travels less distance and is easier to punish. Ignoring this attack's importance within Corrin's toolkit is a terrible mistake, however.

Still, it's not all bad for the Dragon Lunge. The new ability to drop down after pinning the ground with the side special offers some unique gimmicks.

Funnily enough, there is something else about the Dragon Lunge that I discovered after I got Corrin into Elite status. Unlike Smash 4, Corrin is now able to pin the ground at the peak of the "jump" portion of the special.

It's no longer necessary to perform an "instant pin" by rolling your thumb along the "B" and "A" buttons very quickly. (though this is still useful to do).

While Corrin's neutral air is still incredibly useful, it's no longer an all encompassing attack for every scenario. For the purposes of landing and creating frame traps, forward air is generally the go-to option due to shifts in frame data. Use it.

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