Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's best defensive option may be an improved version of tech you are already using

The delay tech option sees an upgrade

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 10, 2020 at 6:25 a.m. PDT | Comments: 14

One of the goals of Street Fighter 5's developers is / was the removal of most option selects like those that became prevalent during the days of SF4, yet most of the game's best defensive options have come from these special combinations.

Recently, Japanese SF5 player Kawano shared his findings in a video on what he believes to be the best defensive OS currently in the game which has been remade in English by Fubarduck for an easy how-to guide on this new "fast" tech.

The delay tech is a simple option select that many players have been using for years to defend against meaty attacks and throws though it loses badly to some of the most common oki pressure mixups in Street Fighter 5: the shimmy, neutral jumps and delayed buttons.

It works by inputting the throw command after a handful of frames of blocking on wake up while this new tech uses pretty much the same principles but sped up by about double.

Delay Fast Tech, as Fubarduck labels it, covers up those holes in the normal OS by beating out shimmies, jumps and buttons or at least keeps the interaction neutral instead of eating a combo.

This can be pulled off by inputting the throw tech option after blocking 4–6 frames on wake up instead of the 8–10th frame timing for the normal delay tech OS allowing players to toss an opponent trying to shimmy or walk up block in their face while having extra time to block or punish a jump.

If you manage to pull off the timing required for using they Delay Fast Tech, it'll cover meaty throws and attacks as well as the three aforementioned options though obviously it isn't an impenetrable wall either.

Defeating the Delay Fast Tech needs a similarly fast response option to land a non-meaty attack in a shorter time frame than one would normally delay to which can lead to things like a counter hit jab.

This new game of rock, paper, scissors adds a bit more depth to SF5's defense and oki game in that sense because then that fast tech counter can be beat out by wake up jab or reversal.

Delay Fast Tech isn't a game-breaking option select in the game and not something that was added to the game recently either, but its level of usefulness seems quite good for the reasons explained.

For a more in-depth guide to using Delay Fast Tech, check out Fubarduck's or Kawano's original video on the OS below.

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