'Welcome back to Smash 4' — Bayonetta performs a 0-to-death combo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 9, 2020 at 3:20 p.m. PDT | Comments: 13

At the end of Super Smash Bros. 4's lifespan before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released, Bayonetta was widely considered to be the strongest character in the game. This was mostly thanks to her amazing combo abilities that allowed her to perform 0-to-death combos at any given moment. Needless to say, Bayonetta became a controversial topic within the Smash community.

During the transition to Ultimate, Bayonetta received numerous nerfs to the point where she is now thought of as a low tier. Evidently though, she is still capable of performing touch of death sequences if the situation is just right.

This weekend, over 8,000 are competing in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament that's known as "The Box." One set pitted RyanGhost's Bayonetta up against ProfessorG's R.O.B. with Liquid|HungryBox on commentary.

Our clip starts at a moment where the R.O.B. user was ahead in the first match. RyanGhost already lost a stock and was fighting from behind. Still, R.O.B. had over 100% damage accrued by this point so a well-timed neutral special was able to get balance things out a little.

Within about 40 seconds, R.O.B.'s remaining two stocks were effectively deleted by RyanGhost's Bayonetta. To end it all, RyanGhost was successfully able to perform a Witch Time against a respawning R.O.B.

"Welcome back to Smash 4!" exclaimed HungryBox. This resulted in R.O.B. getting launched off the top by Bayonetta's 0-to-death combo — yes, it still exists in some form (though it might be escapable). When did Bayonetta become so hype to watch?

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