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Capcom plans to start an eSports academy to train professionals as well as to establish regional teams and leagues for female players

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 8, 2020 at 7:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 92

Capcom recently posted their latest Investor Relations Report and included some plans for intriguing new ventures when it comes to one of their largest initiatives: eSports.

It's no secret that the company behind the Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capacom franchises has been placing a few extra eggs in the eSports basket, and it seems they're preparing to take a bold new step forward.

A good deal of the report focuses on broader business, financial happenings, and new potential in mobile 5G technology, but we do get a bit of information focused directly on eSports development.

"[T]he Company sees eSports as an integral part of its future growth strategy and is working to consolidate its position in this expanding market with upfront capital allocation and investments in human resources," starts the passage.

We've seen specific growth in this avenue over the last year through entities like the Capcom Pro Tour, which has been around for more than half a decade now, as well as in the relatively new Street Fighter League.

This endeavor has proven to be able to turn heads and drive up audience excitement as experiments with team-based formats and international play have made for some intriguing new approaches to competitive Street Fighter.

While SFL and Capcom Cup have proven to be decent starts Capcom's growing eSports aspirations have implied even more action in this department, and it seems the next building block will come in the form of an eSports Academy.

"[Capcom] plans to found the eSports Academy (tentative name) for training professional players as well as to establish regional teams and leagues for female players," concludes the passage.

The aforementioned CPT and SFL ventures have already given us a bit of a glimpse into how some of these newer ventures might look once they come to fruition, but plenty of new ground will likely be broken.

It will be surely interesting to see how Capcom goes about training up pro players, and it sounds as though new opportunities are coming down the pike for many members in the SF5 community.

We specify "SF5 community" there because Capcom continues to feature only one major competitive eSports title at this point in time, though the likelihood that they'll soon add to their eSports library remains elevated.

Banner art credit: Omar Dogan.

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