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Soul Calibur 6 Season Pass 2's final character identities have reportedly been data-mined by modders as a couple of highly requested series favorites

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Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 31, 2020 at 1:12 p.m. PDT • Comments: 33

Soul Calibur 6 just saw the release of its latest character by way of crossover with Samurai Shodown in Haohmaru which leaves two more roster choices shrouded in mystery — but are they really?

Members of The Stage of Modding Discord have reportedly discovered new files buried within Soul Calibur 6's latest Version 2.10 update which may directly point to who else will be joining the samurai and Hilde in 2020. Potential future roster spoilers follow.

Through data-mining, NMD files and other clues pointed to the likelihood that the final two Season Pass 2 characters could very well be Setsuka and Hwang.

According to the discoveries, Setsuka may be the next character slated to release in the game, as there's allegedly more and varied files found in the new update for her slot as opposed to the other.

Interestingly, both characters still use the same character slot ID numbers from their previous games as number 09 and 22 for Hwang and Setsuka respectively.

Hwang is one of the original Soul Edge / Soul Blade characters that have carried over into the Calibur series though he hasn't appeared as a playable character since 2005's Soul Calibur 3. He's been largely absent, however, with Yun-seong picking up most of his gameplay chops going forward though he too didn't make it to SC5 or 6.

The classic fighter did appear in Soul Calibur 6's story mode in conversations which led fans to hope that he may be showing up as a playable member of the roster as well. That didn't come to pass for the game's first year of content, but maybe that'll change now.

Setsuka hasn't been playable since Soul Calibur 4 though she did show up as part of 5's story under the name of Neve where she'd teach Patroklos in her signature fighting style leading it to still make an appearance technically.

Interestingly, these new findings point back to another data-mine from over a year ago when listings for six other potential DLC characters were discovered under specific codenames.

Both Setsuka and Hwang were among the fighters at the top of the list to be likely represented by the code names of Snow and Yellow respectively. We may have already seen one of those codenamed characters start out Season Pass 2 when Hilde dropped back onto the scene.

That would, however, still leave at least three sitting on the outside which may point to a possibility of a Season Pass 3 or something else entirely.

Setsuka and Hwang are among the top characters not currently available in SC6 from an official 2015 character popularity poll run by Project Soul and Bandai Namco. The only one who ranked above them that also isn't in falls on Yun-seong.

None of this has been announced or confirmed by Bandai Namco, however, meaning that all of this still falls into the area of speculation by the community and may not actually come to fruition.

The developers were apparently able to hide Haohmaru's existence before his reveal though many of the previous characters like Amy and Cassandra had been data-mined early.

We suggest of course everyone still take these reported discoveries with a healthy grain of salt. You can find more information about the new Soul Calibur 6 files on Avoiding the Puddle.

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