'You win one match and then leave, you don't let someone get a rematch... we about to rematch you in real life' — Keef Crew's one-and-done skit

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • March 29, 2020 at 2:27 p.m. PDT | Comments: 35

It's often said that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's online systems encourage a "quitter mentality." As someone who frequently plays online, this is definitely a point I feel inclined to agree with.

To maximize GSP (which only matters for getting into Elite Smash), players are essentially encouraged to leave after beating an opponent once. The "one-and-done," so to speak. The idea is that you don't want to give the other player the opportunity to get the download.

Recently, The Keef Crew uploaded a video that highlights a skit of what happens when a one-and-done online player faces a situation that they simply can't leave from... even if they wanted to.

After winning a match, the individual then hears a knock at his door. "You don't want to run it back? So you like to win just one game and then just dip. That's the kind of man you are?"

"Nah, you're just going to have to hold that L, buddy," shouted back the victorious player. Needless to say, the other person behind the door suddenly had an urge to physically beat up the one-and-done player.

Unfortunately for the individual that sought to avoid further interactions, things did not turn out so well for him.

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