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Which female characters are likely to join Granblue Fantasy Versus in its second character pass? Let's take a closer look at the most popular ones

Thankfully, we have a recent popularity poll from Famitsu to give us an idea of which characters the fanbase like the most

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • March 29, 2020 at 7:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 33

Granblue Fantasy Versus will be wrapping up its first character pass at the end of April with the release of Zooey, but we already know that a second pass is heading our way and that the highly popular Belial will be part of it — a character who already appears in the game's RPG mode and has connections to Beelzebub and his nasty plans.

In a recent issue of Famitsu, they had a ton of Granblue Fantasy content due to the 6th anniversary of the mobile game which started the whole media franchise and included results for several polls which players had gotten to vote in, with the most important ones when concerned about Granblue Fantasy Versus are obviously which characters are most popular. I wrote a piece regarding these results here in which I promised an article taking a closer look at a few of the high placers, and this is the first one. Let's see which characters have high popularity and might be good additions for Granblue Fantasy Versus in the near future.

Since there were different character polls for male characters and female characters, we decided it'd be a good idea to divide up our stories the same way to avoid overcrowding as I have a tendency to get a bit... wordy. This first story will be focusing on the fairer sex, that is to say the female side of the poll and outline the most popular characters in that one.

The character descriptions listed below may contain spoilers for the story of the Granblue Fantasy mobile game. Be warned before proceeding.


Age: 22
Race: Human
Weapon type: Sword (Sabre)
Female character popularity poll ranking: #3

Vira landed as the most popular female character who isn't already in the game behind Lyria and Narmaya, and it's no wonder to anyone who's familiar with Granblue Fantasy to see her place that high up. While most popular characters who have been around since early on have maybe 3 or 4 versions of themsevles obtainable in the mobile game, Vira has a whopping 7 different versions you can get (and I've actually gotten 3 of them by pure chance).

I'm not enough of an expert to say for sure, but as far as I've been able to find that's the most anyone in the entire game has.

Storywise, Vira grew up together with and trained at the same knight academy as Katalina and grew to respect her enough to refer to her as "onee-sama" (Japanese honorific to refer to your big sister, or a person you respect as if they fill the role of a big sister in your life), and this respect borders on obsession at times with Vira being overly affectionate and protective of Katalina... To the point of violence if Lowain, who's in love with Katalina, is involved.

As for her gameplay, she fights with a sword like many other characters in this fantasy world does, but she's also got the unique attribute of having fused with Luminera, a Primal Beast — basically summons, much like Bahamut which Lyria draws forth in Gran's Super Skybound Art in the fighting game — meaning you could give her an install super where she draws on this strength.

While she may not have the most unique fighting style, we already have a diverse roster which covers a lot of bases and it's not like sword users all have to fight the same. Given her immense popularity as well as relations to other important characters, she's in perhaps the best spot of everyone to be added to the game.


Age: 22
Race: Human
Weapon type: Bow
Female character popularity poll ranking: #4

A member of the most powerful group to roam the skies known as "The Eternals", where each member has their name represent a number between 1 and 10, Tweyen represents 2 with hers. There are in fact 3 other members of The Eternals detailed in this article, as the characters are highly popular across the board.

Having unnaturally keen eyesight, Tweyen quickly became a master with the bow and constantly strived for greater heights together with her best friend, Silva, another popular character from the source material. Unfortunately, Tweyen's fantastic talents eventually led to Silva pushing her away out of envy, and Tweyen has been struck by loneliness and insecurity of her own ability to relate to other people ever since.

Tweyen is high in popularity, but it's difficult to justify her inclusion unless the developers can think of fitting bow and arrow moveset for the game that's different enough from Metera who's already in the roster.

On top of that, it'd be difficult to include Tweyen unless you had other Eternals or her old friend Silva in the roster already, meaning that while she's a high popularity pick she'd likely be held off on for a while until she fits better in with the other pieces of Granblue Fantasy Versus.


Age: Unknown
Race: Human
Weapon type: Staff
Female character popularity poll ranking: #5

Cagliostro is quite the strange character, and the reason her age is unknown is because this isn't her first body. A famous and respected alchemist, Cagliostro strived to find eternal life and eventually mastered it by discovering how to swap out her own body.

Able to create a body according to her own desires, she strives for ideal cuteness which is why she decided on this particular body.

In fact she is the creator of alchemy over 1,000 years ago and was originally a man, and her overly arrogant attitude and male manner of speaking (through word usage in Japanese) shines through when she loses her temper and the cutesy mask begins to crack.

Cagliostro fights with a staff and magic, something we don't really have in the game right now making her a solid pick since she encompasses both popularity and new styles of fighting compared to what we already have in the game.


Age: 28
Race: Erune
Weapon type: Gun or Bow
Female character popularity poll ranking: #7

Ilsa is a member of a group called The Society which already features two members in Granblue Fantasy Versus' roster — Zeta and Vaseraga. The Society fights using excavated weapons that hold tremendous power and the end goal for any member is for them to be able to fight and conquer Primal Beasts on their own.

Within the group, Ilsa serves as a drill sergeant who readies the troops for future battle. Though her demeanor may appear cold and distant, her harsh training methods are born from her desire not to lose any of her allies or those close to her.

She uses ranged weapons like guns and bows and specializes in using her Sealer techniques to nullify Primal Beasts to make them unsuitable for combat, meaning that as a Versus character she could have a moveset centered around various methods of disabling her opponent, likely as a sort of trap-based zoner.

Pretty high in popularity, existing relationships with characters already in the roster and the ability to wield weapons we haven't seen in the game yet — there are definitely a lot of things going Ilsa's way that may lead to a Fighter Pass 2 spot for her.


Age: 17
Race: Erune
Weapon type: Gun
Female character popularity poll ranking: #8

Another member of the Eternals who represents the number 10, Tien leads a place called Stardust Town together with her brother Feower. This is a town for orphaned children where they both grew up together where the mafia was conducting business, but Tien and her brother resolved to become strong to remove the mafia ties from the town and protect the children, which they eventually did.

Guns are her weapon of choice and seeing as we have no fighter with this particular weapon yet, she'd be an interesting choice for sure. She isn't the most popular of the Eternals, but she's still fairly high up and brings a unique flavor to the roster as well.

It could even be interesting to have her and her brother function as one character, since we've seen something along those lines with Lowain, though it'd obviously require some more work to have them function as a team character more than the group of weirdos Lowain and his Brofamily are.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about these popular characters female from Granblue Fantasy who may end up joining the roster of Granblue Fantasy Versus sooner rather than later.

Out of the characters listed here, I'd like to see Vira join because of the interactions she'd inevitably have with Lowain and because I have a friend who's really hoping she makes it in (and also since I know my absolute favorite, Korwa, has absolutely no chance).

I'm going to hold off on making any official predictions as to who will be joining Belial in the second character pass until the next article where I'm covering the top placers in the male character popularity poll, but if you've already got your picks secured (either from this list or if you're a fan of the source game and have other characters you're hoping for), feel free leave your choices in the comments below.

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