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Which male characters are likely to join Granblue Fantasy Versus in its second character pass? Let's take a closer look at the most popular ones

Thankfully, we have a recent popularity poll from Famitsu to give us an idea of which characters the fanbase like the most

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • March 30, 2020 at 7:50 p.m. PDT • Comments: 29

Granblue Fantasy Versus will be wrapping up its first character pass at the end of April with the release of Zooey, but we already know that a second pass is heading our way and that the highly popular Belial will be part of it — a character who already appears in the game's RPG mode and has connections to Beelzebub and his nasty plans.

In a recent issue of Famitsu, they had a ton of Granblue Fantasy content due to the 6th anniversary of the mobile game which started the whole media franchise and included results for several polls which players had gotten to vote in, with the most important ones when concerned about Granblue Fantasy Versus are obviously which characters are most popular. I wrote a piece regarding these results here in which I promised an article taking a closer look at a few of the high placers, and this is the second one. Let's see which characters have high popularity and might be good additions for Granblue Fantasy Versus in the near future.

Since there were different character polls for male characters and female characters, we decided it'd be a good idea to divide up our stories the same way to avoid overcrowding as I have a tendency to get a bit... wordy. This second story will be focusing on the male side of the poll and outline the most popular characters in that one.

Before jumping into this list, though, make sure you didn't miss the previous one which focused on the poll winners of the favorite female characters from Granblue Fantasy which you can find right here.

The character descriptions listed below may contain spoilers for the story of the Granblue Fantasy mobile game. Be warned before proceeding.


Age: Unknown
Race: Primal Beast
Weapon type: Sword (Sabre or Katana)
Male character popularity poll ranking: #1

Actually a Primal Beast himself — basically the Summons of Granblue Fantasy, and Lyria generally being able to control them is the reason she is sought after by so many n the game's story — Sandalphon is an Archangel who was made by the mysterious Astrals, powerful beings who very little is currently known about, as a replacement in case another Archangel, Lucifer, were to fail in his duties.

Unfortunately, Lucifer did no such thing and excelled, leaving Sandalphon viewed as worthless instead. After Sandalphon's bitterness grew to resentment he rebelled against the sitting leaders, he was imprisoned for millennia and left to rot. After thousands of years, he and a group of other angels managed to escape their captivity and sought revenge.

Originally meant to just be a one-off villain, Sandalphon's incredible popularity led to Cygames extending his story arc and continuing to include him in events, even as a recruitable character. Even though the event centered around him was back in 2017, his popularity hasn't waned in the slightest and he sits as the absolute #1 most popular male character, even eclipsing the highly popular (and already in, or set to be in, Granblue Fantasy Versus) Belial and Percival.

Given the unshakable popularity inherent in Sandalphon as well as Cygames open recognition of this, he seems like a prime target to try and sell as DLC. Seemingly the only thing that could possibly hold him away from the second Fighter's Pass would be if Cygames want to keep him saved for a later pass given his immense popularity... Which is entirely plausible.


Male character popularity poll ranking: #4

Lucilius is a character shrouded in mystery who has some sort of connection with both Belial, a prime antagonist in the story already set to join the roster in the second Fighter Pass, and Lucifer who is another antagonist who placed high (but not quite high enough to include in this story) in the popularity poll.

He currently stands as the most powerful boss you can fight in Granblue Fantasy which is saying quite a lot since the game has now been out for 6 years. This is also why he has much less attributed listed in his profile here — he's the only character in this list who isn't a recruitable party member.

While he's still a character with a lot of question marks surrounding him, it's clear that Cygames has a high view of him given his status as the ultimate enemy in the entire game as of writing. With Belial coming our way in the near future and Beelzebub showing us just what Granblue Fantasy villains can be capable of, it wouldn't be too farfetched to see Lucilius in the near future — if not in the playable roster, then perhaps as an additional boss fight in the game's RPG Mode.


Age: Unknown
Race: Erune
Weapon type: Melee (Claws)
Male character popularity poll ranking: #5

Also a member of the Eternals and representing the number 6, Seox is an Erune from a specific family branch called the Karm clan of Assassins. Bearing the guilt of having murdered the rest of his clan in a fit of madness brought on by a certain serum called Trancensia which was routinely used as a growth ritual in his clan.

Seeking atonement for his past sins, Seox is a masterful assassin who fights with unparalleled speed to the point where his opponents will see several of him at the same time due to his quick movements.

His speedy movement and claw-based fighting style could definitely make for an interesting character to play as, and as far as The Eternals go the most recent event featuring them was heavily focused on Seox specifically, meaning the character himself has big momentum going for him at the moment. He seems like he'd be quite the likely addition to add The Eternals faction into Granblue Fantasy Versus' roster.


Age: 27
Race: Human
Weapon type: Sword (Sabre)
Male character popularity poll ranking: #6

The prestigious leader of the Eternals and representing the number 7, Seofon is a charismatic swordfighter who maintains the unflinching respect of his allies and enough of a presence to be able to command this powerful group.

Although his own past is shrouded in mystery, he was one of the founders of the group alongside Anre (who represents 1) and his reputation as one of the most powerful warriors stretches across the skies.

He often presents with an aloof and carefree attitude and few are able to gauge what he's actually planning at any given time, but when it comes to his allies he will do anything to protect them. When he actually starts fighting seriously, any opponent in his way tends to fall very quickly.


Age: 32
Race: Human
Weapon type: Sword (Sabre or Katana)
Male character popularity poll ranking: #7 (tied)

One of the four key members of the Order of the Black Dragons (later rebranded as the Order of the White Dragons), often referred to as the "Dragon Knights", together with Lancelot, Percival and Vane, two of which are already part of the playable roster.

Although he was originally the leader of the Dragon Knights, he was framed with having killed his own king and removed from his position and branded "Kingslayer", becoming a traitor to his own country. Working behind the scenes, Siegfried eventually managed to unveil the true culprit and clear his name, being welcomed back to the order.

Once again offered the position of leader, he relented it to Lancelot instead and departed on a journey to repent for the chaos he had inadvertently caused. Although he seems to work especially well on missions together with Percival, he's a trusted ally to Lancelot and Vane as well.

While he does use a sword in battle, he also has a heavy focus on Earth as his element, something we haven't seen much of in the Versus roster just yet. There's a lot of potential to create an earth-shattering, ground-shaking moveset based on Siegfried's sheer power, and I really hope they do.

Although Siegfried ended up tied with Lucifer in the poll, I chose him over the latter mostly because I personally really want Siegfried in the game.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about these popular male characters from Granblue Fantasy who may end up joining the roster of Granblue Fantasy Versus sooner rather than later.

Out of the characters listed here, I'd be most excited to see Siegfried join the battle. Although my favorite character, Korwa, has basically no chance, Siegfried is another I happen to like a lot and who actually does stand a pretty good chance.

If I were to predict four from this specific list to join Belial, I'd say we'll see Sandalphon, Vira, Cagliostro and Siegfried. Whether you're a fan of the source material or just read this article to find out more about a few candidates, who are you hoping to see join the roster together with Belial? Let us know in the comments.

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