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The internet REALLY wants Min Min from ARMS in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

She may already be a Spirit, but that doesn't necessarily disconfirm her

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 26, 2020 at 2:06 p.m. PDT • Comments: 35

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans found out just a few hours ago that first new DLC fighter from Fighters Pass 2 will be a character from Nintendo's ARMS.

Things didn't get much more specific than this, though the Nintendo Direct mini did cut to a scene showcasing no fewer than 15 ARMS characters, all with reasonable potential for being the next Smasher. One of these, however, seems to be floating to the top of the popularity pool on social media: Min Min.

Min Min is an 18-year-old girl character whose theme is based around her family's Chinese ramen restaurant: the Mintendo Noodle House. As such, one of her arms resembles a spiral noodle and her headgear resembles an upside-down ramen bowl.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of Min's design is the fact that, if she's able to power up enough, her left arm transforms into a dragon and becomes considerably more powerful. Needless to say it would be interesting to see how Smash developers might implement this should Min make a guest appearance.

Upon navigating to Twitter, we immediately noticed that "Min Min" was trending right along with "ARMS." Part of this can be attributed to the fact that today happens to also be the birthday of South Korean boy band singer Kim "Xiumin" Min-seok, but we've found plenty of hopeful posts for the foodie fighter in Ultimate.

Many are also bringing up the fact that this particular character was a favorite of prominent gaming streamer Desmond "Etika" Amofah, who was best known for his over-the-top reactions to Nintendo Direct presentations. Etika passed away in June of 2019, and a lot of "do it for him" style tweets add some somber emotion to the otherwise light-hearted Twitter trend.

We nabbed a few of the more popular Min Min hopeful posts to share with you. These come from PrinceOfPufftop, SuperSSP1, DeddoRain, and ThePhanSite:

Min Min Potential? image #1
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We'd be remiss if we didn't bring up the fact that Min Min is actually technically already in Smash Ultimate as a Spirit fighter. Players can face off against opponents who are buffed by the "Spirits" of other characters in one of Ultimate's single-player modes, and Min (along with Spring Man, Twintelle, Ribbon Girl, and Ninjara) happens to be one of these.

Some see a character's presence as a Spirit as a disconfirmation for them being a candidate for the game's main roster, though Nintendo has never clarified this as an official rule.

Our own Nick "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor has actually been entertaining this particular idea for over two years now. He offers a few excited thoughts on the matter:

As anyone who's played ARMS or probably even anyone who's seen the character knows, Min Min's character is entirely based on ramen. Ramen is some damn good food, so what's not to love?

Her backstory even references her being "a member of ramen royalty" from the legendary "Mintendo Noodle House", so you know whoever designed this character must've skipped lunch that day.

ARMS has a lot of unique and particular fighters, but at least to me Min Min instantly stood out as the most creative and fun design of them all. They really went above and beyond - her knit hat is made to look like a ramen bowl on her head, her hair is made to look like noodles, and her twisty arms are noodle-like on top of that.

Overall, she just has a very fun design and characterization and really excels at expressing the creativity and genuine joy that went into making ARMS. It doesn't hurt that she won Nintendo's Party Crash Bash popularity tournament, so it's on record that she's the most popular character in the game, or at least was at that point in time.

I've expressed my desire to have Min Min in Super Smash Bros. two whole years ago and the fire still burns! Now that we know ARMS is set for Smash, I'll definitely be crossing my fingers for her!

At this very early stage, we have no idea who will actually be the winner of this particular ARMS race. We look forward with excitement to June when the character is released, though perhaps we'll get more information on their identity before that time.

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