Desk shows off new potential from Ryu, Akuma, and others thanks to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's latest balance patch

Plus a bug fix for Gill's Critical Art

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 26, 2020 at 3:47 p.m. PDT

A new and improved Street Fighter 5 means Desk combos are never far behind, and sure enough, the master combo creator has produced a new video showcasing fresh potential from a handful of the game's characters.

Not everyone was altered in the way of combo abilities, but Ryu, Akuma, R. Mika, and Birdie sure were. Desk's use of both Ryu and Akuma's V-Skill 2 buffs make up the majority of today's showcase.

Ryu's second V-Skill has been regarded as one of the worst of Champion Edition's new additions as players just haven't been able to find efficient uses for it. Capcom has buffed it up a bit by giving it crumple properties, and already Desk is showing off new possibilities.

Akuma's second V-Skill hasn't seen a ton of exploration either, but that might just be because of how incredibly useful his first V-Skill already is. Capcom is trying to encourage more VS2 use as they've given players the ability to toss enhanced versions of Sekia Goshoha (red fireball) from Akuma's VS2 stance.

Blasting your foes with an enhanced Sekia Goshoha results in a whopping five-hit projectile. We'll let your mind wander a bit as you entertain the possibilities that come with Desk getting his hands on a five-hit fireball.

We thought this R. Mika sequence with V-Skill 2 was particularly spectacular, (anytime Desk uses defensive Nadeshiko resets, it's particularly spectacular). Check it out, then peep the entire video below and share your reactions in the comments.

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