What exactly does 'extended the hitbox inward' mean in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's new update?

Yes it does indeed make the hitboxes bigger overall

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 25, 2020 at 6:32 a.m. PDT | Comments: 19

So here we are once again. It's the morning after Capcom released their latest update for Street Fighter 5, and many in the playerbase have some questions about the changes — though this time they're not really centered around the online adjustments.

While the improvements to the game's online matchmaking may have been the thing to capture the attention of everyone, some players were left wondering about a specific balance adjustment that applied to a large number of the cast. What does 'extended the hitbox inward' mean?

Some players quickly began to question whether that wording equates to the character's overall hitbox growing, shrinking or merely shifting backwards though the answer is pretty straightforward — especially when you see it in action.

As the general patch notes explain, a number of attacks in SF5 would actually whiff if the opponent was too close to the character. So extending the hitbox inward does indeed grow the overall range of the move / cover up some blind spots that shouldn't have been there to begin with.

We've included a short clip from Joshua Kim below which shows off what these missed attacks look like though you'll miss it if you blink. Chun-Li's crouching medium kick clearly travels straight through a dashing Balrog. Since his collision box is pushed so far forward, however, Chunners' forward doesn't connect despite overlapping his entire body.

Another player in Kusanagi also shared a side-by-side comparison to show off what the extended hitboxes mean in this instance by filling in the gap where a character could rarely slip in past an active attack.

These changes should help in checking things like dash-ins and small crouching hurtboxes thought the patch notes also make sure to point out that these moves will not extend behind the character or be useful for stopping aerial attacks.

Whether or not these extensions will prove to be a widely useful adjustment or not remains to be seen though at least we should have fewer random whiffs than before. You can check out some of the hitbox shenanigans below.

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Hitbox overlay: Loïc 'WydD' Petit

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