Seagull Joe releases Wi-Fi Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list

Pikachu appears to be the exception to the speed rule

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 25, 2020 at 8:17 a.m. PDT

Anyone who's played a fighting game online for more than five minutes can tell you that matches are very different than their offline counterparts, and that's especially compounded in the Super Smash Bros. series with its wide range of movement on top of delay-based netcode.

GG|Seagull Joe has been part of the competitive Smash scene since Brawl when online was first added to the series, and he's now gone ahead and released a tier list for Smash Ultimate that breaks down the best and worst characters for doing battle over Wi-Fi.

Taking a look at the top of said list, it's readily apparent that two things appear to help characters out in the extra lag and less stable wireless connections which should come as little surprise: speed and projectiles.

Top three here are some of the most slippery fighters to try and nail down offline with Shulk (in his speed Monado at least), Zero Suit Samus and Sonic which certainly makes sense given how hard it can be to react to them anyway.

A correlation with speed though doesn't seem to be the only factor here though since Pikachu is also a speed demon and typically considered in the top 5 characters in Ultimate right now normally. In Joe's list, however, Pikachu is down all the way in D tier along with Fox likely do to the difficulty of landing their much needed combos in lag.

It's also fitting to see Mr. Terry Bogard up in the A tier status here because you try to consistently avoid Buster Wolves and Power Geysers over Wi-Fi connections...

Perhaps most surprising though is the rise of typically low-ranked / regarded fighters in Little Mac, Jigglypuff and Isabelle up there with Terry as well which makes a bit more sense when you realize they all have some really strong / damaging moves that are typically hard to land in offline situations.

You can check out Seagull Joe's full Smash Ultimate Wi-Fi tier list below though do note that the long-time pro says it's un-ordered within the tiers. Liquid|Dabuz also recently released his own wireless tier list where he includes an 'absolutely horrifyingly broken' category which you can find here.

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