Rashid got a major nerf and another change that some people claim hasn't happened in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 25, 2020 at 2:01 p.m. PDT

A new balance patch was introduced into the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition ecosystem just yesterday. Fans were surprised to see a strong selection of alterations surface alongside the changes made to the game's matchmaking.

Among those who saw tweaks, Rashid — a character that has been a thorn in people's sides for many seasons — has received significant nerfs. One change is concrete, while the other is one that wasn't listed in the patch notes, but several prominent members of the community claim it exists and is new.

What could be considered the biggest change listed for Rashid — and potentially the most significant change on the entire list — is the nerf to EX Spinning Mixer. The invincible reversal now has 10 more frames of recovery upon landing, going from 16F to 26F.

This means that Rashid no longer gets the strong okizeme he once did after landing the attack in a wake-up situation or in combo. Now when he lands, there is a noticeable delay before he is able to run forward and continue his pressure.

The increase in recovery frames also makes it so that EX Spinning Mixer is more punishable on block or whiff. While some characters could land a full jump-in punish previously, most, if not all characters should be able to do so now and net more damage when Rashid decides to risk it.

Another potential change that rivals (or even beats) the EX Spinning Mixer nerf in importance, however, is the one made to Whirlwind Shot. The patch notes state that the tornado projectile, when used in conjunction with V-Skill 2, has seen its hurtbox "extended sideways," and several players in the community believe that this change has actually been made to all versions of Whirlwind Shot — including the EX version.

A clip from MonkUnit shows Rashid trying to perform a standing heavy punch blockstring into EX Whirlwind Shot — a staple in his move set and one of the main ways he starts his offensive pressure — only to be hit out of the special move entirely by Urien's crouching light punch. Even with Urien sitting a solid distance away from Rashid in this scenario, he is able to stop the projectile before it becomes active likely due to the aforementioned hurtbox change.

Bandits|CrossoverRD also shared a clip with a similar scenario working out for Necalli. According to the tweet, Necalli was unable to punish the EX Whirlwind Shot start up with crouching medium punch before this patch, and now he has a consistent counter into EX slash from any distance.

One of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's top Rashid players, NASR|BigBird, weighed in on the matter saying that this isn't a new concept and that Rashid's hurtbox previously extended when canceling into EX Whirlwind Shot. However, there have already been several examples claiming new punishes can be made during the gap now.

Another one of the best Rashid players around right now, Kachitagari|Moke, also shared a clip of the regular version of Whirlwind Shot being interrupted and voiced his unhappiness for the change in the replies, further leading us to believe that this is a real change that affected the projectile across the board.

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Based on how it's looking right now, the latest Street Fighter 5 balance update made Rashid's invincible reversal option riskier and gave it less of an advantage when it does actually hit. If the Whirlwind Shot nerf spans across all versions — which seems to be the case — then we're also seeing another of Rashid's main tools dialed back and require better spacing to get into play, which has heavy implications on the character's overall strength in the game.

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