How big did Fahkumram actually wind up being in Tekken 7? Screenshots from his two trailers as well as gameplay give us an answer

Size matters

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 25, 2020 at 4:23 a.m. PDT | Comments: 21

When Fahkumram was first revealed for Tekken 7 back in early December and while fans were certainly impressed and excited for the Muay Thai fighter to join the roster, they were simultaneously distracted by some contradicting visuals.

Fahkumram's intro sequence sees him emerge from a kind of military-grade containment box after being airlifted into the Cave of Enlightenment via helicopter. Upon doing so the newcomer towers a full head over Craig Marduk, who looks up as the shadow of his foe completely covers him in shade. Cut to a few seconds later in the trailer, and it looks as though Fahkumram is nowhere near as large as that sequence suggested.

This apparent discrepancy stole some of the focus away from the reveal hype as fans immediately went to internet watercooler stations such as Reddit to point out and discuss the incredible shrinking Fahkumram (as the FGC has proven prone to do in surprisingly similar situations).

The character's immense size served as an immediate draw to many onlookers as being able to harness such an apparent level of brute strength is an attractive prospect to fighting game players. This isn't to say that Fahkumram's size would be his only means of attracting player attention, but it's unequivocally a significant part of the equation.

Fast forward to present day where we just saw the official release of Fahkumram out into the wilds of Tekken 7, and it seems developers have done a bit of rectification in this particular avenue.

While he still doesn't quite seem to be as massive as he was during his initial reveal cutscene, Fahkumram does appear to have grown a bit. Given the way Tekken's camera zooms in and out and turns during the three-dimensional fight, it's somewhat difficult to garner a solid point of reference when comparing screenshots.

The more recent trailer showed off some footage of the newcomer squaring off against various other opponents, and he does seem to have a noticeable height advantage over them. The key question to answer here may be whether or not playing him offers that satisfying feeling of wielding a certain level of utter power and force.

We've nabbed a few screenshots of Fahk as he appears in the original trailer, the second trailer, and in actual gameplay now that he's joined the roster. It seems the extremes have been thrown out and the character is right around Marduk's size now.

Fahkumram Size image #1
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Gameplay footage nabbed from an upload by iMagicianYT. Other captures via Bandai Namco.

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