Capcom has significantly leveled up Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition support practices in 2020, matchmaking improvement patch to go live tomorrow

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 23, 2020 at 7:40 p.m. PDT

When it came to Street Fighter 5 this time last year the news was essentially a whole lot of nothing as the community found itself amid the now-infamous "doing things differently" period of radio silence.

We're wrapping up our third month of 2020 and already we've seen quite a few examples wherein Capcom has shown a strong sense of acknowledgment and attendance to SF5 development. A matchmaking update that aims to further smoothen online experiences is slated to go live tomorrow, and a look over all that's happened in the vein of developer support feels apropos right now.

Easily the biggest update SF5 has seen in 2020 has to be the official launch of Champion Edition back in mid February. Most of CE's content was made available back in December when Gill was released, but February's update uniquely included the release of Seth along with a fairly extensive patch dealing mostly with character movement and hit/hurt/collision boxes.

Those who had not already purchased a copy of SF5 were encouraged to pick up the title with CE's official launch, and indeed this led to an increase in the number of active players, according to Executive Producer, Yoshinori Ono.

While fans were clearly happy to have the new influx of content, long-running issues with the game's netcode continued to sap away hype.

These issues were once again brought to the forefront of general SF5 discussions when a fan-made mod threw online play into a more chaotic state than usual. Said mod essentially improved experiences for PC users who installed it, but hampered experiences for anyone (including all PlayStation 4 users) who did not.

Capcom attended to this issue by releasing a netcode patch on February 18 that both stopped use of the fan-made mod and reduced the impact of one-sided rollback. While this has not been viewed as a perfect fix for SF5's netcode, it has served as a welcome step in the right direction.

It should also be pointed out that Capcom (mainly through Ono's tweets) has done a significantly better job of communicating with and acknowledging the hopes and desires of fans relative to previous years.

Tomorrow's matchmaking update will also bring with it yet another Capcom Pro Tour DLC bundle that includes a new stage, costumes, colors, Fight Money, (won't touch that one) and titles. Another 2020 smaller-scale perk came in early March in the form of the PC performance benchmark tool, which will surely come in handy considering how much online action SF5 is looking at in the near future with the Intel World Open tournament series.

Finally, we've also known for a while now about the big new tournament mode that's slated to drop some time this year. The third and final beta test for this mode will conclude with the March 24 patch update, and those who participated will receive a few special rewards in the form of 10 Fortune Tickets and a special title.

The road to perfection is an endless one, but Capcom has shown some clear improvement when it comes to Street Fighter 5 support and the active communication of such with their fans.

Our fingers are crossed that the matchmaking update will see significant improvements to SF5's online experience and that Capcom continues to address said experience at regular intervals moving forward.

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