Want to get more familiar with the world of Granblue Fantasy? Here's a closer look at the personalities, relationships and lore for a few characters

While Granblue Fantasy Versus has been a big success, not knowing the source material may lessen your enjoyment of the cast — so let's fix that

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • March 25, 2020 at 9:57 a.m. PDT

Although Granblue Fantasy Versus is a intellectual property that is immensely popular over in Japan, over here in the west it's definitely not a franchise most people have heard of or know intricately. Even so, Granblue Fantasy Versus has taken off quite well even here as it's a very well-made fighting game that's amazingly fun to play and strive to get better at while it also featuring an interesting cast of characters and a beautiful world.

Because of this disconnect in how well-known it is across regions, there are likely a lot of people in English-speaking territories who don't actually know very much about the source material and aren't actually that familiar with the avatars they're playing as. If you feel like this applies to you, look no further — as someone who has been playing Granblue Fantasy for a little while, I'm here to introduce you more properly to the cast and world of Granblue Fantasy Versus in what will hopefully be the first of a series of several pieces. In this first (and god-willing not last) installment, we'll be taking a closer look at Gran, Katalina, Charlotta and Lowain.

Below, you'll find profiles for a few of the cast with things such as age, height, likes and dislikes or weaknesses lifted directly from the Granblue Fantasy Versus character profiles themselves, though the actual profile text has been written by me and is put together partly from the Versus profiles but also from my personal experience with the original title, Granblue Fantasy.

Gran, Lyria & Vyrn


Age: 15
Height: 170cm (5'7")
Race: Human

Since Gran is the player avatar in the source material, the game Granblue Fantasy, there's less information about him than most other characters since he doesn't really say or do much without you choosing dialogue options every now and again for him.

What is known about Gran (and conversely, Djeeta as well, since they're just male and female variants of the main avatar, but we'll hopefully get to her in a later piece) is that he set out on a journey to be a skyfarer after following clues in a letter from his missing father, who was one of the greatest skyfarers of all time.

He grew up together with Vyrn and they've been allies for as long as anyone can remember, and although it's unclear what exactly Vyrn is (though he insists repeatedly that he's definitely not a lizard) he's been a loyal ally to Gran since childhood.

Right after beginning their adventure they encounter Lyria and Katalina who are on the run from the Erste Empire, a militaristic nation that wants to have control over all the skies, and decide to help them in their journey. Along the way, they make many new allies and because of the flying ship they traverse the skies on, many of the characters end up calling Gran "captain" affectionately.


Age: Unknown (Appears to be around 14)
Height: 152cm (4'12")
Race: Human
Hobbies: Singing, going on walks
Likes: Katalina and Gran
Dislikes: Ghosts

A mysterious girl who has no memories of her past but bears the highly sought-after ability to control primal beasts (as you can see in Gran's Super Skybound Art, where she summons Bahamut together with him). The Erste Empire in particular want this ability for their own and had her imprisoned.

She was rescued from this imprisonment by Katalina, a former soldier for the Erste Empire who forsook them to help Lyria, and shortly after breaking free they run into Gran and Vyrn and begin their journey together.

Although she isn't much of a fighter herself, she is always cheerful and trying to help others as much as possible in other ways.

Katalina Aryze

Age: 24
Height: 169cm (5'6")
Race: Human
Hobbies: Sword collecting
Likes: Cute things, small animals
Weaknesses: Bugs, cooking

A highly honored knight of the Erste Empire, Katalina grew disillusioned with her nation when she saw the cruel experiments they were subjecting Lyria to and decided to break her out and abandon her homeland.

She's a calm and dutybound warrior who stops at nothing to protect her allies, and though she's highly dependable in a fight she's extremely lacking in many areas that don't require swordplay, such as cooking or navigation.

Though she tries to project a serious demeanor in front of people, she can completely lose her cool when it comes to cute things with one of her main targets of affection being Vyrn.

Much like in the source game, Katalina has special dialogue with another character from Granblue Fantasy Versus — though we'll get to that particular person a bit further down...

Charlotta Fenia

Age: 24
Height: 90cm (2'11") (average for a Harvin)
Race: Harvin
Hobbies: Training
Likes: Kids' meals, high places, tall people
Dislikes: Height differences, things on top of tall shelves

A Harvin character, basically a race that functions as sort of a Dwarf or Gnome race in this particular fantasy setting and is affiliated with the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights, a group with ambitions to protect the weak and hopeless while bearing their creed "forever pure, forever righteous".

Charlotta is serious when it comes to fighting, to the point where she's risen in the ranks to become the leader of this very order and is a highly respected Knight captain.

Unfortunately, Charlotta also has a highly impractical hangup given her race, namely her obsession with height and trying to not appear short, with one of her main goals in life being to find a way to get taller.

Granblue Fantasy Versus obviously highlights this quite clearly with both her intro animations and winposes, where she'll stack boxes to stand on to try and appear at the same height level as her opponent.

Lowain and the Brofamily


Age: 22
Height: 176cm (5'9")
Race: Erune
Hobbies: His part-time job
Likes: Hanging with his bros, Kat (who still looks smokin')
Weaknesses: Saving money, economizing, his granny's face that time she snapped (which seriously freaked him out)

Before we delve in to the brilliant madness that is Lowain and his Brofamily, let's establish what an Erune is. If you've been curious as to why there are some characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus that look human but have animalistic ears reminiscent of cats, foxes or other wildlife, that's an Erune. Besides Lowain, other playable Erunes currently in the game are Ferry and Metera (my favorite character from Granblue Fantasy, Korwa, also happens to be an Erune. The more you know!)

In some ways the most interesting member of the Granblue Fantasy Versus cast, simply because their win pose shows that they were never actually fighting a battle at all, but instead simply having Lowain regailing his delusions of grandeur and what he wishes would have happened to his loyal bros, Elsam and Tomoi (who of course don't believe a word of it).

Lowain is essentially a joke character, and several parts of his moveset come from the various crazy dreamscapes him and his brofamily have dreamed up and taken at face value, including the Lady Katapillar tank which fires a barrage of missiles.

In the source game, this tank is controlled by Vira, a woman who trained together with Katalina in the Knight academy and has an uneahlthy obsession with her, thereby leading the Brofamily to imagine that she created a fully functioning weapon based on her object of affection. (Given Vira's popularity, she seems highly likely for future DLC, by the by).

What is real about Lowain though is his own affection for Katalina (much to Vira's chagrin), and he'll never spare a moment to tell her how beautiful she's looking today or how great she is, though she never seems to know at all how to respond.

Although they aren't really fighters, Lowain and his two bros are fantastic cooks and help the crew out by cooking up meals for them in the kitchen, much to the delight of anyone who crosses their paths. You'll notice in Granblue Fantasy Versus that while opponents may not take them particularly seriously, they're almost always kind and welcoming to them in their opening dialogues.

Elsam (Sammy)

Age: 22
Height: 172cm (5'8")
Race: Erune
Hobbies: His part-time job
Likes: Hanging with his bros, fashion, chicks with cute smiles and kind hearts who like taking care of flowers and stuff
Weaknesses: Saving money, economizing, finding the right amount of force

Elsam, or Sammy as he's sometimes called, is one of the two bros who hangs around with Lowain, and much like him he has his own desperate delusions, though his are far grander in scale.

You ever wonder why a gigantic goddess comes along and calls down the wrath of elements upon their enemies? Yeah, that's because in Elsam's wild dreamscape, him and Yggdrassil (the goddess of creation, we remind you) are in fact lovers in a committed relationship.

While the prospect that a kitchenhand who works part-time managed to catch the eye of the goddess of creation sounds extremely far-fetched, who are we to crush his dreams? I mean, she does look pretty happy when she comes to help them out, so... You know, maybe?

Tomoi (Tommy)

Age: 22
Height: 178cm (5'10")
Race: Erune
Hobbies: His part-time job
Likes: Hanging with his bros, chicks with glasses (and without them too)
Weaknesses: Saving money, economizing, beach chicks (since they make him nervous)

Tomoi, also known as Tommy, is the other bro in Lowain's gang and while he has his own delusions much like the other two, he's also often the first to call Lowain out about his own ... stretchings of the truth, shall we say.

Tomoi actually also has a most likely imaginary love interest, though she doesn't appear in Granblue Fantasy Versus (at least not yet) in the Imperial Prime Minister Freesia, who he affectionately calls "Freezie" and refers to as his goddess. Well, in his dreams, anyway.

Both Elsam and Tomoi are a big part of Lowain's moveset and will come in and help him by bodyslamming opponents, slipping at their legs or lifting their bro up for the Human Pyramid Attack showing that their lifelong motto lives strong — the Brofamily before all.

Hopefully you enjoyed learning a bit more about the world of Granblue Fantasy and the interpersonal relationships and motivations that drive a few of the members in the game's roster.

I'd love to do more pieces like this to help bridge the gap for players who love Granblue Fantasy Versus but aren't very interested in playing a mobile game with hundreds of characters to learn more — so please support this article if you'd enjoy this type of content. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section as always.

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