Curious about what an Ultimate Grand Master Ryu looks like in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition? Check out Justfog's gameplay with the Shoto

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • March 22, 2020 at 6:18 p.m. PDT

Ryu really fell out of the meta of Street Fighter 5 after being nerfed in Season 1. Throughout the seasons, Ryu has received a number of buffs to help him perform better in matches.

Unfortunately, it does appear that Ryu will still very likely be one of the weaker characters in the game. Still, this isn't stopping players like Justfog from maintaining an Ultimate Grand Master rank with Ryu.

In a video that was recently uploaded by SFV Fan, Justfog and his Ryu goes up against fellow Ultimate Grand Master players. His opponents are making use of Ken and Cody against him.

Most characters in Street Fighter 5 tend to win from one or two big interactions. Ryu on the other hand tends to emphasize his neutral more since he has a difficult time setting up Okizeme without sacrificing damage.

As a result, Justfog's playstyle with Ryu is more methodical and might appear to be less flashy compared to other characters.

Still, you can see how the ability to cancel the EX Joudan Sokutogeri into a light Hurricane Kick really helped Justfog's gameplay in this one segment:

Click image for animated version

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