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CEO tournament organizer Alex Jebailey holding donation drive for Dreamland event and beyond because of impacts from the coronavirus

Dreamland faces massive financial setbacks due to cancellations and attendees dropping out

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 12, 2020 at 11:30 a.m. PDT • Comments: 9

Community Effort Orlando began back in 2010 where it quickly grew to become one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world let alone North America, but the future of the expanding major now appears uncertain due to the immediate impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

CEO lead organizer Alex Jebailey has been forced to open a donation drive because of major financial issues facing CEO Dreamland scheduled to run this weekend which may endanger the future of the series' events going forward.

"In Eleven years of event hosting I've never had to do this," wrote Jebailey on Twitter. "Since everything for CEO Dreamland was ordered to make the event great already before a ton of COVID-19 refunds started to come in. We've set up [a PayPal] to help support CEO this year if you wish to. Any donations will ensure I can pay all the staff, streamers, catering, hotel attrition charges from so many hotel cancellations hurting my contract & more that was already planned. Everything was good to go until our world as Event Organizers started taking a big hit."

With the already small margins most tournament organizers run events under, returning entry fees to players no longer wanting to or able to participate can leave a big hole to fill financially which ends up coming out of the TO's pockets.

Cancelling CEO Dreamland does not appear to be an option either, as Jebailey states that unless the hotel or city force him to close down, all of that financial burden will fall to him alone due to the contracts in place.

Brawlhalla, which was scheduled to be one of Dreamland's headlining games, cancelled their tournaments for this weekend where it alone had 85 entrants.

These last-minute troubles have also now been compounded by the United States' order to block travel from European countries for 30 days and leading to more players unable to make it to Florida.

As of now, the main CEO event scheduled to take place June 26–28 has no plans of cancellation though Jebailey and his team will be regrouping after this weekend to gauge any potential changes or downsizes that may need to take place.

CEO Dreamland is now among many / the majority of fighting game tournaments that have been impacted by the spread of the novel coronavirus which the World Health Organization has labeled as a pandemic as of March 11.

NorCal Regionals was ordered earlier this week to cancel their April event by the local government while other like the SNK World Championship finals and Tokyo Tekken Masters have been delayed indefinitely.

E3 2020 has also been cancelled for the first time in 25 years due to the threat of spreading COVID-19 among heavily populated gatherings. For similar reasons, even major sports organizations like the NBA and MLB are also suspending their leagues for the time being.

CEO Dreamland 2020 is focused largely mostly around Super Smash Bros.-related events with over 500 entrants signed up for Smash Ultimate and almost 1,000 in total though that number likely represents pre-refund numbers. It's still scheduled to take place March 13–15.

Those looking to donate to support CEO can do so by following this link to their official PayPal page.

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