Four characters from the original Dragon Ball series who could be cool to have in Dragon Ball FighterZ

With Season 3's remaining fighter's on the horizon, now seemed like an ample time to point out some great characters still not in the game

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • March 19, 2020 at 7:52 p.m. PDT

Dragon Ball FighterZ had its third season unveiled about a month ago and we've already gotten Kefla released for the game alongside a slew of changes to characters and the game's systems.

With Ultra Instinct Goku on the horizon, we also have several currently unrevealed characters coming up and given the expansive universe of Dragon Ball that's been building since its start over 30 years ago, it felt like a good time to take another look at some great characters who haven't joined the game just yet. This first part of the multi-part article series will be focusing on characters from the original Dragon Ball, that is to say the pre-Z era of the series.

Master Roshi/Kamesennin

Probably one of the most requested characters in the game at this point, Master Roshi has huge significance to Dragon Ball as a whole as he was the first on-screen master we saw train Goku (though he had been trained off-screen by his grandfather Son Gohan before) and he also later went on to train Krillin and Yamcha.

The originator of the Kamehameha technique and one of the most enduring presences in the series, Roshi even got a upsurge in screentime with Dragon Ball Super where he was included as one of the warriors fighting for Universe 7's survival in the Tournament of Power.

The only real drawback you could list for him is that he can't actually fly, and with super dashes being a part of the game it might look awkward but given how high he's been shown to jump and the fact that he has full control over ki itself as evidenced by the gigantic Kamehameha he lets loose the first time we see the technique, I don't think it's much of a stretch for him to do a ki dash even if he can't actually fly.

Given that Dragon Ball FighterZ is still a heavily ground-based game, at least animationwise, with characters mostly doing combos in the air which are fully within the realm of possibility for someone like Master Roshi, it feels like much too weak of a reason to keep him out of the game.

The only other reason you could give is his relative weak power level compared to others in the game, but given that fighters like Nappa (who was strong at the time of his introduction but has been massively overshadowed by all foes since) and Krillin are in the roster just fine, that's not a viable reason either.

He basically checks every single box you can imagine — he's an OG Dragon Ball character who's been with us from practically the very beginning, he's a beloved character that a lot of people recognize and appreciate, he has relationships with a lot of the characters in the roster and he's even got current relevance due to Dragon Ball Super opting to give him more screentime in the final arc (for now) of the anime.

Master Roshi is an absolute slam dunk of a character choice — to the point where it's honestly kind of awkward that he isn't already in. Let's hope that this perverted geezer finally makes his appearance in Dragon Ball FighterZ and lets us all enjoy his antics. Oh, and of course his level 3 has to be the True Kamehameha.

Tao Paipai/Mercenary Tao

Although Dragon Ball doesn't have quite the brand recognition in certain western regions that its followup Dragon Ball Z has, it definitely had its fair share of intense battles and imposing characters.

One of the first outright evil foes Goku had to face in his career of world-saving was the ruthless mercenary Tao Paipai who absolutely overpowered Goku in their first fight, though Goku later got to settle the score with him after receiving training from Master Korin, giving the upper edge this time.

Tao Paipai is another character with connections to fighters already in the cast. He's the brother of the Crane Hermit, also known as Master Shen, who is the long-time enemy of Master Roshi listed above as well as the master of both Tenshinhan (Tien for you Americans out there...) and Chiaotzu.

It's explicitly stated in the series that Tao had a hand in training both of them and that Tenshinhan saw him as something of a mentor, though after his eyes were opened by Goku and his friends to the error of his ways he abandons the Crane school while still using the techniques they taught him.

Later on, Tao Paipai re-emerges with cyborg parts added to his body and fights his former mentee Tenshinhan but loses quite swiftly. In the fillers throughout the anime of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Tao Paipai and his brother appear quite a few more times where they're usually cooking up some new nasty scheme.

It's also worth noting that the Crane school which Tao Paipai hails from are the originators of the flight technique in Dragon Ball, so there's no reason this character wouldn't be able to fly. This means that even if Bandai Namco are overly concerned about flight being a prerequisite for being playable, it doesn't apply here.

King Piccolo/Piccolo Daimaou

The last enemy we get to see Goku fight while he's still small in stature, King Piccolo was the first time a villain with no comedic elements whatsoever truly felt like a threat to actually take over the world.

The father to the current Piccolo, the evil King Piccolo had originally been sealed within a jar by a demon-sealing technique perfected by Master Roshi's (and incidentally also the Crane Hermit's) own master, Mutaito. After being sealed for many years, he was let loose by eternal troublemakers Pilaf and his gang.

King Piccolo had become much weaker with old age however, and sought to use the Dragon Balls to restore eternal youth to himself, thereby allowing him to fight at his full potential from many years before at all times. He succeeded in this and become the most formidable foe the series had seen so far, killing both Chiaotzu and Master Roshi in the process.

After destroying Tenshinhan without even having to enter the fight himself, he was finally thwarted by a very vengeful Goku who came to avenge the death of his best friend Krillin at the hands of Piccolo's minions and with a rising fist straight through his stomach (which incidentally is one of GT Goku's supers in this game) managed to kill the evil King, but not before he spat out an egg containing the more famous eventual Z Warrior Piccolo we all know and love.

Given that the GT Goku moveset has taken an immense amount of moves from original Dragon Ball Goku, it would be perfect to match him up against his legendary foe King Piccolo in this game as well. A lot of techniques which later became staples for bad guys in the series were first used by King Piccolo, such as shooting beams from his eyes.

For story reasons, there's really no point in arguing that he's weak by today's standards either, since the game has gone out of its way to increase power levels on characters like Nappa and Captain Ginyu who should be complete pushovers to the current protagonist's power levels. Even then, he's certainly stronger than Videl.

As the first world-level threat we saw in the series, King Piccolo holds a special place in the hearts of many a fan and it'd be fun to see his interactions with former foes like Tenshinhan and even his own child-turned-good-guy Piccolo. Hey, if they go all out and include both him and Master Roshi, that'd be a good one to see, too.

It isn't like he's been forgotten by the creators either — he was last scene in a cameo flashback during the recent Dragon Ball Super: Broly, meaning the significance of his battle against Goku is far from buried in the minds behind the action.


This is probably a bit more rare of a proposition than the characters above, but I think it's a fantastic one. People who have mainly tuned in to Dragon Ball Z only really know Chichi as the doting mother of Gohan and hopelessly abandoned (most of the time) wife of Goku, but she's actually quite capable of putting up a fight of her own.

While she doesn't possess the planet-splitting energy powers of some other members of her family, Chichi was an impressive martial artist who battled Goku during the last tournament of the pre-Z days when she reappeared in his life to make good on Goku's promise to marry her, which he'd made years before.

Of course, Goku had long-since forgotten said promise and as it turned out didn't even know what the marriage he'd promised actually entailed, but took his responsibility nonetheless and wed the young fighter Chichi leading to the birth of their son Gohan, and much later also Goten.

While she doesn't have many flashy techniques to speak of, but you can't ignore the fact that she actually held her own against a post-King Piccolo Goku, showing she had more than solid prowess as a fighter.

She was a swift combatant who has been trained in martial arts just like her future husband and packs a serious punch, though her energy powers are basically nonexistant — similar to the already included Videl. Much like Videl, she also fills the somewhat unpopulated role of notable female fighters in Dragon Ball that people recognize and might like to play as.

It's not like there's no precedence either — many years ago, a straight-up fighting game based on Dragon Ball was released called Super Dragon Ball Z in which Chichi was one of the playable fighters.

As for the issue of flight, unlike the case of Master Roshi we haven't really seen Chichi use any ki powers meaning a normal Super Dash would likely look unnatural on her... But she does have access to Goku's trusty Flying Nimbus cloud which could easily be incorporated into her moveset for maneuvers like this.

Overall, Chichi feels like she'd be a fantastic addition to an already stellar roster based partly on her identity in the series itself but also because it'd be nice to have some more female fighters in the game. Plus, let's be honest, a super where she lets out her rage at Goku's irresponsible nature as a husband would be absolutely perfect.

Thanks for reading this article on which original Dragon Ball characters would be good additions to Dragon Ball FighterZ — please look forward to the next part which will be detailing characters from the later era, namely Dragon Ball Z.

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