Four characters from Dragon Ball Z who could be cool to have in Dragon Ball FighterZ

With Season 3's remaining fighter's on the horizon, now seemed like an ample time to point out some great characters still not in the game

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • March 22, 2020 at 7:37 p.m. PDT

Dragon Ball FighterZ had its third season unveiled about a month ago and we've already gotten Kefla released for the game alongside a slew of changes to characters and the game's systems.

With Ultra Instinct Goku on the horizon, we also have several currently unrevealed characters coming up and given the expansive universe of Dragon Ball that's been building since its start over 30 years ago, it felt like a good time to take another look at some great characters who haven't joined the game just yet. This second part of the multi-part article series will be focusing on characters from Dragon Ball Z, the most famous and popular part of the series worldwide.


The first foe who appears in Dragon Ball Z, Raditz is both significant storywise and a lot of people's very first introduction to the series as the vast majority of American viewers first encountered the series through Dragon Ball Z, being instantly dumped into a magical world of fights between flying warriors faster than the eye could see and laser beams being fired from hands, fingers, eyes and even sometimes feet.

As the older brother of Goku, Raditz is the character who introduces the Saiyan race and clears up the mystery surrounding Goku's heritage with his arrival, revealing that Goku was originally sent to Earth to conquer it instead of becoming its champion.

With Goku and Piccolo being the two strongest fighter we'd seen in the series up until that point, having Raditz basically throw them both around as if it was child's play was an intense experience, and while he did eventually fall to their combined efforts it took quite literally everything they had, including Goku's life, to do it.

Raditz had several unique moves that have been brought to life in past games separating him quite well from the rest of the cast and including him in Dragon Ball FighterZ would be unlikely to be an exception. Though his techniques weren't named in the series at first, they've gone on to receive names later on in games such as Shining Friday, Saturday Crush and Double Sunday... Because I guess everyone needs to have their own naming gimmick.

Most importantly, though, given the 3v3 nature of Dragon Ball FighterZ, this would allow you to use the Saiyan conqueror team of Raditz, Nappa and Base Vegeta together. Now that's a team worth dreaming of.


Although Captain Ginyu is already present in the game as Frieza's right-hand man and he is indeed much stronger than Zarbon was, it's worth noting that Captain Ginyu and his Ginyu Force were only brought in under very special circumstances when the threat was too large to be handled by Frieza's regular troops.

If anyone were to be considered Frieza's right-hand man, it would undoubtedly be Zarbon who has been at his side throughout the whole start of the Namek Saga and basically every flashback in any piece of Dragon Ball media that goes back to before his untimely death at the hands of Vegeta (granted, the same goes for Dodoria, but he didn't do nearly as much in battle as Zarbon did).

Priding himself on his beauty, Zarbon was a vain character with an elegant fighting style, but once he found himself outmatched by Vegeta's newfound power he had to resort to his least favorite technique, namely transformation. His transformed state isn't nearly as pleasing to look at, basically contrasting his original form as The Beauty and his stronger form as The Beast.

With the Namek and Frieza Sagas being perhaps the most iconic part of the entirety of the Dragon Ball franchise, it's highly unlikely for anyone who's into the series to have forgotten the character of Zarbon and the threat he presented until Vegeta started scheming.

Having an install-type transformation would be an interesting mechanic for the game, especially if it were one that made him slower but stronger while his regular form were more nimble but had less damage, effectively allowing him to switch between both forms depending on the situation.

There's surprisingly little gameplay in Dragon Ball FighterZ centered around transformations given its source material and a character like Zarbon would be an absolutely perfect fit for that niche. He'd be easy to design a unique playstyle for, and a welcome face that any fan is sure to remember.

Dr. Gero/Android 20

The very creator of basically every single threat from the Android and Cell Saga, Dr. Gero ended up making himself into an Android in the end, dubbing himself Android 20.

A disgruntled former scientist who had worked for the Red Ribbon Army, Dr. Gero grew embittered after its defeat at the hands of Goku way back in the early Dragon Ball days and bided his time creating more and more Androids to try and find develop ones which would finally be able to accomplish his ultimate mission — to kill Goku.

While he did seemingly succeed in doing this with Androids 16, 17 and 18, he deactivated them all. While it's unclear why he deactivated Android 16, his fear of rebellion from Android 17 and Android 18 was what made him shut them down (and the fear wasn't unfounded either, since reawakening them turned out to be his undoing in the end).

At some point after shutting down his previous Androids, he made Android 19 and turned himself into Android 20 and set out to defeat Goku once and for all, though his plans were foiled by Vegeta who had unlocked the potential of becoming a Super Saiyan and Piccolo's cunning leading them back to his base.

Even after dying, Dr. Gero's presence remained felt when his ultimate creation Cell awakened many years later, with his prime directive being to absorb the unwieldly Androids 17 and 18 to achieve his Perfect Form. The Cell we see in the source material travelled back to time using Trunks' time machine since the Androids were already dead in his timeline, meaning that Cell actually awakened many years after his creator's death.

Being a cunning genius of worldwide renown, as mentioned by Bulma, Dr. Gero had immeasurable levels of intellect which he ended up using for evil and revenge. After modifying himself to an Android, he also gained exceptional fighting prowess which makes him perfect for a fighting game such as this.

A gimmick we haven't seen used particularly in Dragon Ball FighterZ which Dr. Gero could excel at is absorbing energy, which is his main mode of fighting. Imagine having a character who could use counters or command grabs to steal your ki if he made the correct read and you have yourself an awesome concept for a playable Dr. Gero.

Not only that, but here are some story spoilers for a certain Dragon Ball FighterZ character — Dr. Gero also had a child together with Android 21, meaning he has a very intimate connection to this game's original character. This child died in a war and was eventually converted into Android 16, though since Android 21 wasn't even conceptualized at the time, obviously none of this is mentioned in the original manga or anime.


The King of the Demon Realm himself, Dabura is the most fearsome fighter that Babidi had under his control prior to the resurrection of Majin Buu.

Dabura clearly held the role of Babidi's second-in-command and didn't even seem notably controlled by him, but rather just at peace with letting the evil course through his veins as the Majin seal sat on his forehead.

Although Dabura doesn't stand a chance once he puts himself at odds with his master's newest servant, he was a formidable foe before that and went toe-to-toe against Gohan in pretty intense fight which put his allies Puipui and Yakon to shame for their pathetic displays against the Z Warriors.

Dabura has a lot of interesting gimmicks to him that could be great for gameplay, one of course being the massive sword he materializes and cuts his foes with, but perhaps the most noteworthy is his saliva which can turn his enemies to stone.

Having a simple spit attack instead of a ki blast which could petrify his opponents sounds like a very interesting gimmick and might make for some highly interesting setplay scenarios that could give him a real edge and a unique identity as a fighter.

Dabura has been heavily used in other Dragon Ball games and expanded universe materials since he's one of the stronger foes in the series despite not getting a too heavy amount of screentime, meaning there's undoubtedly even more material to draw from outside of just the main series — the type of material which Bardock's Super Saiyan form clearly shows us that the developers don't shy away from.

The character also isn't a stranger to fighting game appearances throughout his lifetime. He didn't just show up in the Budokai series, but he was part of the action as far back as the Super Nintendo game Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 3 in which he was a part of the fairly small playable roster of only 10 characters.

Overall, Dabura is a character who showed a ton of interesting stuff in his limited time in the Buu Saga, and it's clear that the extended universe of Dragon Ball has treated him as such, making sure to bring him back as often as possible and incorporating him as a true threat beyond just being a jobber for Majin Buu. He'd be a great addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ both aesthetically and gameplaywise if the developers worked hard to express that uniqueness through his moveset.

I hope you enjoyed this writeup of characters from the Dragon Ball Z portion of the series which would be nice additions to the series. Make sure to check out the previous iteration which covers characters from the original Dragon Ball, and please look forward to the next installment in this series which will move to non-canon characters from the Dragon Ball Z Movies and Dragon Ball GT.

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