Four characters from the the Dragon Ball Z movies and Dragon Ball GT who could be cool to have in Dragon Ball FighterZ

With Season 3's remaining fighter's on the horizon, now seemed like an ample time to point out some great characters still not in the game

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • March 25, 2020 at 4:05 p.m. PDT

Dragon Ball FighterZ had its third season unveiled about a month ago and we've already gotten Kefla released for the game alongside a slew of changes to characters and the game's systems.

With Ultra Instinct Goku on the horizon, we also have several currently unrevealed characters coming up and given the expansive universe of Dragon Ball that's been building since its start over 30 years ago, it felt like a good time to take another look at some great characters who haven't joined the game just yet. This third part of the multi-part article series will be focusing on characters from the Dragon Ball Z movies and Dragon Ball GT, that is to say non-canon characters who still have enduring popularity and frequently show up in games based on the property.

Super Android 13

Even though the movie characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe aren't counted as canon (I guess except for Broly, who recently got his canon debut in a somewhat revamped version with the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie) that doesn't stop them from being popular picks, especially for games based on the franchise.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is of course no exception — in its first year, we got both of the multi-movie villains with Broly who is the main antagonist (of sorts) for three of the Dragon Ball Z movies as well as Frieza's even nastier brother Cooler who appears as the villain in two of them.

Since those are the only two villains to be the main focus of multiple films they stick out above the rest, but last year we got one of the more popular single-movie foes as well with Janemba being added to the game alongside his greatest foe, Gogeta (though this was a SSGSS version of Gogeta, but still).

Although there are definitely some duds that don't have many requests as far as the films go (Lord Slug, anyone?) there are also more bad guys with a one-time appearance than just Janemba who tend to be popular picks, and one of them is the ominous Android 13.

His original design is somewhat in line with the canon Android characters, being a somewhat regular-looking guy who happens to have some very nasty powers backing him up. After his allies (who absolutely do not look like regular guys) are defeated by Vegeta and Trunks, however, he absorbs their microchips and evolves into his ultimate form of Super Android 13.

This powerhouse proved to be a very strong match against the combined forces of Goku, Vegeta and Trunks, and he's actually the participant in one of the most famous Dragon Ball GIFs, one that anyone who spent time on the internet in the early 2000s should remember well — where he punches Goku in his family jewels.

Imagine having a special move where you just sock your enemy in the groin. Super Android 13 could be the prime enemy of procreation across the entire galaxy and have the ultimate troll move be to simply see how many times you manage to knock your opponents' Dragon Balls in.

Of course, he has many other cool-looking moves and is an imposing presence in and of himself, but ... It's very difficult for any growing boy to forget that cheap shot he landed, and it should definitely be immortalized in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


As far as movie villains go, Bojack is one of the more popular ones. Coming in looking like he's straight out of a green-skinned pirate film, he's the leader of a band of so-called Galaxy Soldiers who end up butting heads with the Z Warriors.

Although he and his henchmen make quick work of several of Earth's greatest protectors, he meets his match when he goes up against the young Gohan and manages to make him angry enough to turn into Super Saiyan 2, much like he did against Cell in the canon source material.

An absolutely ruthless leader with very little loyalty to his subordinates, he's even seen brutally murdering his very own ally Zangya in order to use her death as a distraction to get a sneak attack on Gohan. Of course, such callous tactics did him no godo and he ended up being absolutely destroyed by the the warrior he'd enraged.

Bojack actually has a fighting game history to his reputation, too, appearing way back in Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 2 on the Super Nintendo as one of the playable characters alongside his henchwoman Zangya — they were two in a cast of only ten playable characters, so they edged out a lot of more iconic characters to be there. Their history reaches that far back but they've obviously appeared in other Dragon Ball franchise games since then.

Dragon Ball FighterZ started adding movie villains in its first season with Broly and Cooler, the only two to feature as main villains in more than one film each, and continued it last year in Season 2 when they added Janemba who is possibly the most memorable villain outside of the multi-picture ones, though if we've got more or the movie villains coming our way Bojack feels like a natural next pick, even in the face of the nutcracker powers of Super Android 13.

I'll readily admit that out of the movie villains, Bojack has always been my favoirte so I definitely have a personal sweet spot for him. I feel like he'd be a great addition to the cast of Dragon Ball FighterZ, not only because of his dashing fashion sense, but also because he's quite different from the movie villains of Cooler, Broly and Janemba that we already have in the cast, and a more diverse cast makes for a more interesting game.

Baby Vegeta

Okay, before we even begin on this guy, let's lament that he has the absolute dumbest name in all of Dragon Ball — and given that the entire cast of the series is basically a series of puns and jokes, that's saying something.

The very unfortunately named Baby is the first proper antagonist of Dragon Ball GT and serves as the final creation of the Tuffle race, a peaceful people who once shared a planet with Saiyans before the latter kind savagely slayed them all.

Designed to exterminate the Saiyans as revenge for what was done to his creator's race and mind-control all the humans on Earth to create a new future for the Tuffle legacy, he eventually takes control of Vegeta's body bringing great power and the ridiculously non-threatening moniker of Baby Vegeta.

Despite this poorly planned name, he ends up being the first big threat of Dragon Ball GT and a very tough match for Goku in what's basically the first serious conflict of the series, and uses his own versions of several different iconic attacks from the series (not just from Vegeta) such as the Destructo Disc, Final Flash and even his own variant of Frieza's signature Death Ball, though in Baby Vegeta's case it's dubbed the Revenge Death Ball.

On top of this, he also combines the two most iconic Saiyan transformations by both turning into a Great Ape through the power of the moonlight and simultaneously going Super Saiyan, giving us the GT-exclusive form of Golden Great Ape.

Using such a form in game would be a great sight to see, though it'd likely be relegated to just part of a Super. Although Dragon Ball GT never exactly lit up the charts and is little more than a footnote in Dragon Ball history, all the moreso now that we have a canonical sequel series in Dragon Ball Super, the fight against Baby Vegeta was one of the most memorable parts of it, and if we're going to be lookig at GT additions to the game even after GT Goku, Baby Vegeta would be a pretty solid pick.

Syn Shenron/Omega Shenron

Although Dragon Ball GT overall had a fairly mixed reception and isn't remembered all too fondly by most people who saw it, Syn Shenron (or his later form, Omega Shenron) was the definition of a good concept that served as a sort of meta-commentary on the entirety of the Dragon Ball franchise.

The final arc of Dragon Ball GT, in which he was featured, had physical manifestations of the spirits from within the Dragon Balls manifest, one for each of the seven Dragon Balls, through the resentment they held towards mankind for relying so heavily on the magical powers of the Dragon Balls' wishes to solve all of their problems.

Given that this was a common fan complain of the series in general with people saying that even something like death had little weight due to characters simply being wished back once the threat was over and done with, it was actually interesting to see the people behind Dragon Ball GT commenting on this and giving real in-world consequences for it.

Syn Shenron was the final of these Shadow Dragons to show himself and serves as the ultimate antagonist of Dragon Ball GT. He ascends to further heights when he transforms to his true form (though he doesn't change much visually) Omega Shenron in which he possesses all of the abilites of his fallen Shadow Dragon brethren as well.

While Dragon Ball GT, as mentioned earlier, isn't exactly the most beloved part of the Dragon Ball franchise and is pretty far from topical to the series at this point, he'd be a good addition to serve as a foil to last year's GT Goku since they're the main protagonist and the final antagonist of the subseries.

It's also somewhat poetic to have a character who fulfills the role of reminding humanity not to be so reliant on gods and magic to solve their issues — especially with the character fulfilling said role being an actual dragon himself.

I hope you enjoyed this writeup of characters from the franchise's non-canon areas of the Dragon Ball Z Movies as well as Dragon Ball GT which could be cool additions to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Make sure to check out the two previous iterations which cover characters from the original Dragon Ball and fighters from Dragon Ball Z, respectively. Also, please look forward to the next and final part in this series on interesting potential Dragon Ball FighterZ candidates with a piece on characters from Dragon Ball Super.

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