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Final Kombat 2020 results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • March 8, 2020 at 7:33 p.m. PDT • Comments: 36

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Final Kombat 2020 is taking place today in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Players participating in this prestigious event are SonicFox, BC|Dragon, CGL|Ninjakilla212, NASR|TekkenMaster, PxP|A Foxy Grampa, AF|DizzyTT, UYU|Deoxys, PG|Hayatei, UYU|Rewind, END|Scar, CGL|Tweedy, Noble|Semiij, Noble|Kombat, LOK|Nivek, EFP|Konqueror249 and D2Stabs.

These are the finals for the 2019 season of the Mortal Kombat Pro Kompetition with 16 players who have fought hard throughout last year's event to reach these finals.

This event has a full prize pool of $100,000 on the line (with the winner netting $40,000 of that pool) so you know the competition will be absolutely insane to try and get that prize money.

Unfortunately, the Last Chance Qualifier which was supposed to happen the day before the main event had to be canceled due to coronavirus concerns, but the main event is still on and will be streamed for your viewing pleasure.

Streaming is being done at NetherRealm.

Final Kombat — Results

1. SonicFox (The Joker)
2. CGL|Ninjakilla212 (Liu Kang, Johnny Cage)
3. BC|Dragon (Cetrion)
4. UYU|Deoxys (Jacqui, Raiden)
5. Noble|Kombat (Johnny Cage, Geras)
5. UYU|Rewind (Jacqui, Johnny Cage)
7. CGL|Tweedy (Geras, Baraka)
7. PXP|A Foxy Grampa (Shang Tsung, Kung Lao, Nightwolf)

9. PG|Hayatei (Erron Black)
9. NASR|TekkenMaster (Sonya, Shang Tsung, Cetrion, Jacqui, D'Vorah)
9. END|Scar (Kung Lao, Sonya, Scorpion)
9. AF|DizzyTT (Sonya, Jacqui)
13. D2Stabs (Frost)
13. Noble|Semiij (Cassie Cage, Kitana)
13. LOK|Nivek (Jacqui)
13. EFP|Konqueror249 (Sub-Zero)

Final Kombat — Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, second set: SonicFox (The Joker) eliminated CGL|Ninjakilla212 (Liu Kang) 3-1.

• Grand finals, first set: SonicFox (The Joker) beat CGL|Ninjakilla212 (Liu Kang) 3-1.

• Losers finals: SonicFox (The Joker) eliminated BC|Dragon (Cetrion) 3-1.

• Losers semi-finals: BC|Dragon (Cetrion) eliminated UYU|Deoxys (Jacqui, Raiden) 3-0.

• Winners finals: CGL|Ninjakilla212 (Johnny Cage, Liu Kang) beat SonicFox (The Joker) 3-2.

• BC|Dragon (Cetrion) eliminated UYU|Rewind (Jacqui) 3-2.

• UYU|Deoxys (Jacqui) eliminated Noble|Kombat (Johnny Cage) 3-2.

• UYU|Rewind (Jacqui) eliminated PXP|A Foxy Grampa (Shang Tsung) 3-1.

• UYU|Deoxys (Jacqui) eliminated CGL|Tweedy (Geras, Baraka) 3-0.

• Winners semi-finals: CGL|Ninjakilla212 (Liu Kang) beat BC|Dragon (Cetrion) 3-2.

• Winners semi-finals: SonicFox (The Joker) beat Noble|Kombat (Johnny Cage) 3-0.

Final Kombat — Top 16 battle log

• UYU|Rewind (Jacqui) eliminated AF|DizzyTT (Jacqui, Sonya) 3-2.

• PXP|A Foxy Grampa (Shang Tsung) eliminated END|Scar (Sonya, Kung Lao, Scorpion) 3-0.

• UYU|Deoxys (Jacqui) eliminated NASR|TekkenMaster (Cetrion, D'Vorah) 3-2.

• CGL|Tweedy (Geras) eliminated PG|Hayatei (Erron Black) 3-0.

• AF|DizzyTT (Jacqui) eliminated EFP|Konqueror249 (Sub-Zero) 3-2.

• END|Scar (Kung Lao) eliminated LOK|Nivek (Jacqui) 3-1.

• NASR|TekkenMaster (Shang Tsung, Sonya) eliminated Noble|Semiij (Kitana, Cassie Cage) 3-1.

• PG|Hayatei (Erron Black) eliminated D2Stabs (Frost) 3-1.

• CGL|Ninjakilla212 (Liu Kang, Johnny Cage) beat CGL|Tweedy (Geras) 3-2.

• BC|Dragon (Cetrion) beat UYU|Deoxys (Jacqui) 3-0.

• Noble|Kombat (Johnny Cage, Geras) beat PXP|A Foxy Grampa (Shang Tsung, Kung Lao, Nightwolf) 3-2.

• SonicFox (The Joker) beat UYU|Rewind (Jacqui, Johnny Cage) 3-1.

Final Kombat — First round matches battle log

• CGL|Tweedy (Geras) beat AF|DizzyTT (Sonya) 3-2.

• CGL|Ninjakilla212 (Johnny Cage) beat EFP|Konqueror249 (Sub-Zero) 3-0.

• UYU|Deoxys (Jacqui) beat END|Scar (Kung Lao) 3-2.

• BC|Dragon (Cetrion) beat LOK|Nivek (Jacqui) 3-2.

• PXP|A Foxy Grampa (Shang Tsung) beat Noble|Semiij (Cassie Cage) 3-0.

• Noble|Kombat (Johnny Cage) beat NASR|TekkenMaster (Sonya, Jacqui) 3-1.

• UYU|Rewind (Jacqui) beat PG|Hayatei (Erron Black) 3-1.

• SonicFox (The Joker) beat D2Stabs (Frost) 3-2.

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