Min Min's weight is 104? Here's a look at Min Min's attributes and frame data in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Is Min Min's bulk attributed to her arms or the ramen diet?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • June 30, 2020 at 2:32 p.m. PDT | Comments: 4

Min Min is the latest challenger to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster via the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. As a result, members of the Smash community have been spending time with Min Min in the lab in order to figure her out.

Recently, Meshima — a credible Smash Ultimate data miner — revealed Min Min's attributes. This tells us exactly how much she weighs and how fast she is.

According to Meshima, Min Min's weight clocks in at 104. In other words, Min Min is tied with Link, Yoshi, Captain Falcon, and Mii Gunner as the 21st heaviest combatant in the game.

This also means that Min Min is more resistant to knockback over characters like Ryu (103), Mega Man (102), Hero (101), and Cloud (100). Evidently, those spring-like arms add quite a bit of bulk to a character like Min Min who gives the impression of being light without them.

Her grounded run speed has a value of 1.55. Considering that there are over 60 characters that can run faster than this, she's actually fairly below average in this department.

With an air speed of 0.85, she's the sixth slowest while airborne. Min Min only moves faster than King Dedede (0.735), Luigi (0.77), Ice Climbers (0.83), Ganondorf (0.83), and Kirby (0.84) while jumping.

Also, be sure to check out an early look at Min Min's frame data thanks to the efforts of MetalMusicMan.

Min Min's attributes

• Walk speed: 1.05
• Dash speed: 1.9
• Run speed: 1.55
• Air speed: 0.85
• Fall speed: 1.5
• Fast fall speed: 2.432
• Weight: 104
• Ground friction: 0.13
• Air friction: 0.015

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