Does Min Min belong in the bin bin and just how buff is Captain Falcon? - The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community reacts to big Version 8.0 update

Captain Falcon and Falco players are very happy today

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 30, 2020 at 12:54 p.m. PDT | Comments: 5

Min Min finally released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last night alongside a brand new update, so of course the Smash community is out in full force breaking down the changes and voicing their strong opinions.

Version 8.0 is the largest update Smash Ultimate has received in terms of content and balance adjustments in many, many months, and so far the pro scene for the game is really enjoying the buffs to their mains and Min Min's inclusion — though there are some exceptions.

While some of the top tiers in Ultimate didn't get touched at all like Joker and Peach, a good number of the rest of the cast saw significant changes to the point that Captain Falcon players like FatalityFalcon and Falco players like Larry Lurr are pretty much jumping for joy now.

As for Min Min herself, there's a wider range of emotions between her being really good and fun or not great / boring. TSM|Leffen equates her to Byleth on drugs for one while EVO champion T1|MkLeo believes her to be a good character all around.

Liquid|Hungrybox, however, says he feels like Min Min belongs "in the bin bin," but notes that his first impressions are often a bit off mark.

The biggest downside to a number of players is the lack of improved online play which has become a sticking point for the community over the past few months — especially now that Melee has rollback netcode.

We've rounded up a number of Twitter post reactions from the competitive Smash scene including the players mentioned above along with the likes of Nakat, Liquid|Dabuz, BC|Mr. R, GG|Seagull Joe, PG|ESAM, T1|ANTi, and TSM|Tweek which you can check out in the gallery below.

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