El Fuerte's Ultra 2 was insane back in Super Street Fighter 4

Crazy damage, fast start up, and armor cancels...

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 29, 2020 at 11:34 a.m. PDT | Comments: 47

The Street Fighter 4 series is often looked back on with great fondness, seeing people frequently wishing that some things in Street Fighter 5 were more like its predecessor. But man, Street Fighter 4 had its fair share of ridiculousness in it over the years.

A clip was recently shared on Twitter by Spab Daddy that reminds us just how insane El Fuerte's Ultra 2 was back in Super Street Fighter 4. Seriously, what the hell?...

In the footage we see a tournament bout between DragonGod's Akuma and Spab's Fuerte.

DragonGod sat at a life lead after hitting Spab with a quick Akuma vortex set up. Even with a little less than half life remaining, Akuma wasn't safe as one Ultra 2 from Fuerte was all it took to claim victory and make the comeback.

El Fuerte's Ultra 2, El Fuerte Ultra Spark, was a quick maneuver that started up in only three frames. He slides across the ground and scoops the opponent up, taking them into the air and spinning them around before hitting a powerful arm lock.

This Ultra dealt a whopping 500 damage when fully charged, and it not only worked as a great counter for pressure but could be used as an anti-air — just like we see with Spab catching DragonGod's jump back.

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On top of that, you could even armor cancel into Ultra 2 using El Fuerte's EX run, which allowed him to absorb a hit and then trigger the Ultra for a powerful counter. You can see how useful that technique was in this clip from Dawgtanian here.

Super Street Fighter 4 saw the debut of Ultra 2 for every character on the roster, so it's likely that many of these moves weren't quite refined yet. There have been numerous maneuvers within the Street Fighter 4 series that were incredibly powerful, and SSF4 Fuerte Ultra 2 was definitely up on that list.

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