Is Ultra Instinct Goku a top tier? Jmcrofts releases his Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list for Season 3

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • June 28, 2020 at 5:26 p.m. PDT | Comments: 3

The latest character to be added to Dragon Ball FighterZ is Ultra Instinct Goku. Members of the Dragon Ball FighterZ community have been discussing the potential of Ultra Instinct Goku as a top tier.

It appears that Jmcrofts also believes in Ultra Instinct Goku's abilities. In one of his recent video uploads, Jmcrofts has constructed a tier list that depicts Ultra Instinct Goku as a top tier.

While Ultra Instinct Goku is canonically the strongest of the entire roster for Dragon Ball FighterZ, there are still a few combatants that supposedly outperform him during gameplay. Jmcrofts has Ultra Instinct Goku as the fourth best character in the game right now.

We can clearly see that Kid Buu, Bardock, and Base Form Vegeta currently outclass Ultra Instinct Goku in the meta. It is noted that one of Ultra Instinct Goku's most glaring issues is that he doesn't have access to a normal that starts up in six frames.

The characters that are currently struggling in the Season 3 meta are Videl, Beerus, Jiren, and Nappa according to Jmcrofts. Notably, Videl is almost universally considered to be among the worst mostly due to her inability to reflect attacks.

Check out Jmcrofts' video that explains all his tier placements below:

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