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Several DLC packs and Season Passes for Dead or Alive 5 will soon be delisted and removed from online stores including a number of crossovers

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 27, 2020 at 6:42 a.m. PDT • Comments: 26

Though it's not the latest entry in the series, Dead or Alive 5 still remains a favorite among players and the community for almost eight years at this point.

Now, it's about to get much harder to have the complete package experience with DOA5 Last Round, as Team Ninja recently announced a number of the game's DLC packs will soon be removed from the market entirely.

There will be five bundles in total that will disappear likely forever at the end of June and July with most of them tied to previous mash up crossovers.

This includes the Tatsunoko, Schoolgirl Strikers and Falcom costume packs which each feature around 16 crossover outfits for their respective series like Hayate becoming Casshan.

Also joining these packs in becoming delisted are DOA5LR's second and third season passes though they do not specify whether that will also remove the individual items contained within those larger packs.

The Tatsunoko and Season Pass 3 will be taken down after June 30 while the other three will be removed from PlayStation, Xbox and Steam markets after July 31.

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Players who previously purchased this content will still have access to it and be able to re-download the costumes and fighter as they see fit.

Licensing issues are more than likely the cause for these removals with the original contracts expiring and Koei Tecmo not really wanting to spend additional money on their previous entry.

Dead or Alive 6, the latest in the franchise, released back in 2019 where it was downloaded by more than two million players, including the free to play version, though the publisher would ultimately go on to cease development support for the fighting game in April.

It's unclear where the Dead or Alive series will go from here, but with how many crossovers they've done in the past, announcements like these will probably pop back up from time to time.

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