Street Fighter 5 is getting three new stages this summer, here are the five classic arenas I'd like to see remade

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 26, 2020 at 7:32 p.m. PDT | Comments: 55

It was about a month ago now that we were surprised with Capcom's announcement that Street Fighter 5 still has more DLC incoming, and while we all jumped to speculate about the identities of the five new characters as our first priority, we also have to wonder what three new stages Capcom is planning on adding to the mix.

We have no idea as to whether these stages will be linked to some of the new characters, will be reimagined classics from titles past, or brand new inventions for Street Fighter 5, but I have a few personal favorites that I'd like to see if Capcom decides to bring back oldies.

It's hard to divorce some of these to the characters that hail from them, but I'm not going about choosing them according to the identities of the fighters I think have the highest chances to be added.

There are actually plenty more beyond these five that I would also be more than happy to see but wound up landing on these if I absolutely had to choose.

I'll admit that I do have a particular preference for Street Fighter 4's Jurassic Park and Volcanic Rim arenas, but I also know those weren't exactly the most well-received by fans for various reasons. I did still include one guilty pleasure from SF4 on this list, but it's neither of those.

Take a look at my opinions and reasonings below and then hit up the comments to let the rest of us know which stages are your favorites in terms of what you'd like to see in SF5.

Fei Long's Stage - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

This was far and away my first pick for a returning stage for Street Fighter 5. This classic had one of the most intriguing and colorful backgrounds as players find themselves duking it out on a balcony looking out into something of a canyon.

The walls of said canyon serve as perches for a few mythical beasts that animate after each round has concluded. This stage always captured my attention for a little longer than most others as a child, and I can only imagine what Capcom might do given the capabilities of more modern technology.

I've written about wanting Fei-Long as one of the incoming characters in the past, and while that hasn't changed, my pick here is actually independent of my desire to see him added. He just so happens to be both an interesting character and have an interesting stage.

Bison's Stage - Street Fighter Alpha 2

I know we already have a waterfall stage (two, technically) in Street Fighter 5 and I know that said stages pertain to Nash, but I'd still like to see this vast and powerful arena reinvented for 2020.

Bison's Venezuela stage naturally raises the stakes as it makes you feel like you're in an especially dangerous environment. It's rare action heroes or fighting game characters find themselves in a place like this and don't experience some incredibly impressive event (such as the death of a crucial character, either good or evil).

The potential for the Venezuelan Waterfall to have an impact if added into SF5 is incredibly high and I'd absolutely love to do battle atop the rim of one of Street Fighter lore's most precipitous locales.

Adon's Stage - Street Fighter Alpha 2

I just love the idea for this stage. It's fairly simple in concept, a massive lake occasionally interrupted by impressive Thai temples and structures, but comes through with a natural personality.

As tranquil as it seems, who knows what lurks under the water waiting for anyone thrown into the lake or daring enough to try to reach the structures in the background?

There are a few distinct layers for our eyes to examine as we go further and further back across the lake, beyond the buildings, and wind up back into the mountains.

Cosmic Elevator - Street Fighter 4/Street Fighter X Tekken

This is something of a guilty pleasure for me. It's not necessarily a classic that people discuss or recall with great fondness these days, but I was always amused by the Cosmic Elevator from SF4 and SFxT.

There's a lot going on at this venue as it goes through multiple phases of launch. More than a few times I found my attention distracted away from the fight in the foreground to watch the workers hustle about in preparation for launch or to view the outside as the arena hurls up into space.

Seeing Zangief struggle to get inside before it's too late and then float goofily about once he failed to do so was always kind of humorous to me, and so that's why I'd be happy to see this one back... even if it's probably the least likely on this list.

New York Subway - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

I don't have a particular preference for the NY Subway stage for its aesthetic, but it happens to be the setting for the most famous moment in all of Street Fighter.

As such, I figure the Subway would be an easy people pleaser as so many would be able to recognize it. There's plenty of opportunity for some sort of "37" Easter egg in the background, and it'd be especially cool to see what kind of animations developers might choose to insert.

Capcom already has Alex in the game, and if they can't give him enough buffs to be viable then perhaps the least they could do to make up for it would be to give him his old iconic stage back.

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