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Smug busted out Dudley in Ultra Street Fighter 4 on his birthday... welcome back to Duff City

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 26, 2020 at 2:25 p.m. PDT • Comments: 11

It's always a good day when we're able to report that Rise|Smug has blessed the community with new footage of his Dudley taking foes to task in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

The prominent fighting game streamer did just that a few days back as a birthday treat for the rest of us, and though there certainly were some cobwebs to shake off he definitely got our blood pumping with some of his patented sequences of overwhelming rush down.

Smug runs into an Evil Ryu player by the name of MarkMajor and quickly finds that this foe more than knows what they're doing. MarkMajor consistently hits his character's one-frame links, despite playing in an online setting, and proves to be no pushover.

This leads to a wonderfully exciting string of matches between two very explosive characters. Smug clearly has his work cut out for him as many of us can't help but wonder if what we see on screen will be on par with what we remember during his hottest USF4 days, and without spoiling too much we will say that we get at least a flyover of Duff City.

We clipped the following sequence as it's a pretty great echo of the set in general. We get to see Smug pull off some awesome rush down, lag interrupt the fight, and the Evil Ryu show off some skill.

Give the clip a watch and then check out their full set via the embed below. Be sure to follow Smug on his Twitch channel so you can catch all of his entertaining runs in Street Fighter 5 and beyond.

Click image for animated version

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