Pochoclo23 releases Menat and Seth Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match-up charts

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 26, 2020 at 11:12 a.m. PDT | Comments: 8

Today we have a couple of match-up charts for two of the swaggiest characters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Seth and Menat both have a ton of tools at their disposal that not only give them some of the longest and most difficult to perform combos in the game, but also a wide variety of options against their opponents.

Menat and Seth aficionado and consistent lab monster Pochoclo23 has put together two match-up charts, one for each fighter.

These lists have a standard set up with categories ranging from "advantage" down to "disadvantage." There is also a section at the bottom for characters Pochoclo23 is unsure of, though there are only a handful tossed n there.

Starting with the latest DLC character, Seth, we see that they have winning match ups against F.A.N.G, Nash, and Dhalsim. Though not explicitly stated, I imagine that these match ups are tough for the three aforementioned fighters due to Seth's strong up-close game.

Top tier characters such as G and Akuma are placed in the "even" category for Seth. Pochoclo notes that Seth's move steal V-Skill and V-Trigger 2 help fight G quite a bit, and Akuma could be a disadvantaged match up, but Seth does have good tools to take him on.

Menat appears to have more winning match-ups on her chart, cleanly beating most of the Shotos, Zangief, and several others. Characters like Urien, M. Bison, and Balrog present issues for Menat, however, as once they get in, their rushdown capabilities and damage output often mean the end of the round.

Pochoclo23's Menat and Seth match up charts image #1 Pochoclo23's Menat and Seth match up charts image #2
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Source: Tier Maker.

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