Idom and NuckleDu's grand finals NLBC run being talked up as one of the greatest Street Fighter 5 sets ever including a Double KO at tournament point

2 Capcom Cup champions square off

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 25, 2020 at 8:07 a.m. PDT | Comments: 12

Idom and NuckleDu represent some of the best Street Fighter and fighting games have to offer as Capcom Cup champions, and their recent bout proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

During the recent NLBC Online Edition 14 tournament, both players brought their absolute A game to grand finals in what many are describing as one of the greatest Street Fighter 5 sets ever.

Reigning Capcom Cup champ Idom started the match out strong getting a big KO off of a Laura stun combo that looked to do around 4,000 damage or so, but Du would fire right back the very next round and then took game one.

The original SF5 world title holder would end up going up 2-0 after a couple of blowout rounds before Idom and his Laura made a couple of adjustments to better punish Guile and keep him in the corner for prime command grab setups.

Game 5 brought the set to both tournament and reset point which lead to one of the hypest moments for a SF5 event, as neither player could land that finishing blow until boom... Double KO, meaning they'd have to do it all over again.

The commentary crew of Spooky and Sabin could barely catch their breath at that time knowing they'd have to replay and then still potentially go on further into a bracket reset — which of course it did.

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Set number two would not be any less of a nail-biter either with expertly placed back dashes and micro walks making all of the difference with these players having faced each other probably hundreds of times in the past at this point.

Everything once again would come down to last game, last round in as close of fashion as you can get. We won't spoil the end though because it's more than worth the watch.

Even HiFight, who pretty much watches every major Street Fighter match, called it one of the greatest sets he'd seen and even provided a Just Frame breakdown for their Double KO round which you can check out above.

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