We should probably kiss any chance of seeing a Tekken representative appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate goodbye at this point

No fundoshi Heihachi for us it seems

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 25, 2020 at 9:41 a.m. PDT | Comments: 20

This week marked the end of the longest drought of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-related content since the game released with the announcement of Min Min though there was something else in the reveals that caught the eye of fighting game fans.

Joining the new ARMS representative will be a handful of new Mii Fighter costumes which seem to pretty much cement that we probably won't be getting a Tekken character in Fighters Pass 2.

Heihachi Mishima returns as a Mii Brawler alongside the new Vault Boy outfit as third-party characters with the new DLC pack, and while some may feel that might open the door to more in the future, it likely does the opposite for Ultimate.

Yes, this is technically a re-release of his costume from Smash 4, but it doesn't make any sense to put it out again now if they were planning to do something more with Tekken down the road.

Previously, the third party characters who received tie-in Mii Fighter costumes like Terry Bogard and Joker got them upon their initial launch โ€” not before or after.

Both Street Fighter and Fatal Fury / King of Fighters have characters and stages in Ultimate, so what's the holdup of getting Bandai Namco's flagship fighting game series in there too?

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Well, Smash Bros. creator and director Masahiro Sakurai did briefly speak on the subject back in 2015 for Smash 4 where it was revealed that Heihachi was apparently in consideration for Bandai Namco's representative though they ended up going with Pac-Man instead.

Sakurai noted at the time, as translated by Source Gaming, that implementing his movement and style within Smash's framework would prove to be difficult although 2012's PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale featured Heihachi prominently as a popular cast member in a very similar play style.

Other companies have multiple representatives now between Capcom, Sqare Enix, Konami and Sega, so it is still odd that Bandai Namco would not see at least one more addition considering they actually develop the game alongside Sora Ltd.

That does still put Bamco in a pretty great position to receive another fighter though it feels more likely to be another property, especially something like Tales considering Lloyd Irving's Mii outfit has yet to come back from Smash 4.

Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia appeared as a Mii Fighter costume in Smash 4 alongside other Ultimate roster inclusions like King K. Rool and Chrom

Another issue that Tekken appears to have on the surface to make it in is the fact that we've yet to get any DLC characters in Smash that would be considered villains or bad guys unless you want to count Mewtwo.

All three of Tekken's main protagonists in the Mishima family line are either evil as hell or at least huge jerks. Heihachi and Kazuya have essentially assumed villainous roles over the years โ€” what with throwing kids off cliffs and stuff โ€” while Jin kinda does some dirty work in the name of the greater good.

Who would this leave in the hero role that'd be iconic enough to become a full-fledged Smash character? I highly doubt they'd pick Lars, Yoshimitsu probably looks too weird and Kuma is... a bear.

Tekken's kinda left in a weird position because of that, and while those aren't super firm rules from Nintendo and Sakurai for the most part, it's a pattern that's carried on for over five years at this point.

At this point, if there is no Fighters Pass Volume 3, Tekken's best shot of making it in is probably waiting until the next installment in the Smash series though even Sakurai has stated on a couple of occasions that he doesn't know where the series should go after Ultimate.

This game did add in some of the most highly-requested villain characters relating to Nintendo with Ridley and King K. Rool, so perhaps Tekken would fit best as a base roster inclusion rather than DLC at this point for the reasons mentioned above.

There are still five more characters yet to be revealed for the current round of Smash DLC, and while it's still technically possible we could see a Tekken rep come with those, the evidence says we should not be getting our hopes up.

Min Min and the Mii Fighter costumes including Heihachi are scheduled to launch on June 29 though Nintendo has given no indication on when we may hear about the second new character coming this year.

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