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Warden from For Honor announced for Samurai Shodown as final Season 2 DLC

Bushido x Chivalry

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 23, 2020 at 8:11 a.m. PDT • Comments: 113

Samurai Shodown is just about to cross its one year anniversary since launch, and to celebrate, we now know who the final DLC character for Season Pass 2 will be.

During the New Game Plus Expo this morning, SNK revealed a special crossover with Ubisoft's For Honor to bring the Warden into the realm of Samurai Shodown with a grand announcement trailer.

Warden represents the first crossover character to make his way into the new SamSho as well as one of the few western-styled fighters to be included along with the likes of series staples like Charlotte.

The For Honor rep fights using his trusted and battle-worn long sword giving him some of the meatiest-looking slashes among the cast though we also get a glimpse of Warden holding it by the blade to use as a blunt weapon like the source material.

As for specials, Warden is shown to have his Shoulder Bash from For Honor to help close the distance and get in though that's about all we get to see for sure aside from maybe a series of slashes.

Warden's Super appears to call in reinforcements to fire a flaming catapult at his enemy which is sure to do a massive amount of damage given the game he's in now.

Samurai Shodown Warden image #1 Samurai Shodown Warden image #2 Samurai Shodown Warden image #3 Samurai Shodown Warden image #4 Samurai Shodown Warden image #5 Samurai Shodown Warden image #6
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The character class is described as one of the most well-rounded in For Honor as a jack of all trades fighter and serves as one of the series' poster boys.

For Honor first released back in 2017 as a multiplayer action game with elements that caught the attention of fighting game fans thanks to its duels and mechanics.

We won't need to wait long to try out Warden in action, as he's scheduled to release for Samurai Shodown tomorrow, June 24. You can check out his crossover reveal trailer below.

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