Street Fighter 5 lesson in 'cutting movement' will immediately help your footsie game and give you new eyes for spotting trends and scoring hits

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 25, 2020 at 4 p.m. PDT | Comments: 6

Street Fighter 5 players may or may not have heard of DOOM|Hoji yet, but there's a really good chance his will become a regular name in final brackets as he and his Cody are beginning to make waves in the scene.

Most recently the Ultimate Grand Master ranked player made it to fifth place in the Capcom Pro Tour Online North America East 1 event with an absolutely stellar display of both knowledge and execution. He's been sharing bits and pieces of that knowledge on his YouTube channel, and a recent upload focusing on footsie play is quickly becoming required text for those wanting to level up their game.

It's frustratingly easy to let parts of your play fall into autopilot routines as your focus shifts around to the numerous juggling pins that make up a fighting game match, and it's more than likely the case that you very often fail to acknowledge the smaller hints and tells your opponents are unknowingly giving you.

Sure, you may notice that a foe is jumping quite a lot or showcasing a propensity to toss a ton of fireballs, but are you paying attention to the smaller facets of their rhythm?

Hoji's lesson, titled "Movement/Corrections and Basic Footsies," hones in on deeper levels of the dance between players. He offers a vivid example of how he tends to lead opponents into traps and situations wherein he has an advantage over them simply by moving in specific ways.

Most players have very similar tendencies baked into the auto-pilot programs they rely on and many of those tendencies can be exploited. The example shown is great in and of itself, but the overall lesson we garner here is a new vision that can help us to see the game and the "dance" with more precision.

We'll let Hoji do the rest of the talking via the embed below. We're greatly looking forward to future lessons from this rising SF5 star, and might suggest you subscribe to his YouTube channel to stay updated as well.

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