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Min Min is a complex, long-ranged attacker with a playstyle that's completely unique in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • June 22, 2020 at 7:52 p.m. PDT • Comments: 10

Min Min was revealed earlier today for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She'll be made available as a new playable character on June 29, 2020.

As expected from the ARMS challenger, she boasts long-ranged attacks with those spring-like arms of hers. Based on what we were shown during Masahiro Sakurai's breakdown, it looks like it will be fairly difficult to get up close against Min Min where she is said to be weak at.

It seems that Min Min will excel at controlling space on the ground. While her aerials seem better compared to Little Mac's, she's not really intended to fight in the air for very long.

In some ways, she actually bears similarities to Mega Man. Both characters have ground moves that allow them to attack and move at the same time.

Min Min's left arm — which is always equipped as the Dragon Arm — is controlled by the normal attack button (A by default). Unlike Mega Man, she can actually walk backwards while performing her side tilt. She can also jump while attacking.

To help her control space, Min Min is capable of bending her attacks upwards and downwards. Finally, only Robin and Min Min are currently equipped with "smash aerials" in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Click image for animated version

Her neutral and side specials essentially function like normal attacks. After using Min Min's left arm, you can immediately transition into a right arm attack by using the special button.

What's nifty about Min Min's arms is that they are disjointed. There don't appear to be any hurtboxes on her arms while she attacks so you don't have to worry too much about whiff punishes or counters.

Min Min's down special allows her to switch out the properties for her right arm. Do keep in mind that her left arm will also have the Dragon equipped.

This down special works similarly to Shulk's neutral special, the Monado Arts. There are no start up or recovery frames associated with this stance switch effect.

Using the down special will cause Min Min to either equip the Ramram arm, the Dragon arm, or the Megawatt arm.

The Ramram arm is very quick, but not particularly strong. Because the ring acts like a boomerang during attacks, the Ramram arm is very effective at controlling a large amount of space.

Serving as the opposite to the Ramram arm, the Megawatt arm is slow, has less range, and can't bend as much as the other two arms. As a trade off, the Megawatt arm is incredibly strong.

Finally, the Dragon arm is sort of a balance between the other two arms. By holding the normal or special button after extending, the Dragon arm will shoot a laser in the direction that the head is facing.

It's not entirely clear how this is triggered, but Min Min's left Dragon arm (and never the right Dragon arm) can undergo a power boost that enhances its laser attack for a short period of time.

Based on Masahiro Sakurai's breakdown and the trailer, it looks like this effect kicks in whenever Min Min successfully throws the opponent.

Min Min can perform a neutral aerial with two different methods. Either press the normal attack button to swing Min Min's left arm or press the special attack button to swing her right arm.

The properties of Min Min's special neutral aerial is based on which arm she has equipped.

Despite being a representative from the ARMS series, Min Min is also equipped with a series of kick attacks. Interestingly enough, she can reflect projectiles with her up smash. Of course, this also means that her reflector is only available while she is grounded.

Finally, Min Min has a ground up special and an air up special. The ground version allows her to perform a high jump into the air. Min Min does not go into her special fall animation after performing this.

While airborne, her up special will instead behave as a tether recovery like Joker and Byleth's. When Min Min isn't near a ledge, this can also apparently be used as an attack.

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