In case you missed Sakurai's presentation, here's what Min Min will be bringing with her to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Voted as the most popular character in the ARMS cast, Min Min now takes her spot in the Smash family and brings much from the ARMS universe with her

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • June 23, 2020 at 6:43 p.m. PDT | Comments: 1

Earlier today, we were finally treated to the official unveiling of the ARMS character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate we've been aware is coming since back at the end of March and that fighter is none other than the famed Mintendo Noodle House owner Min Min — which I'm obviously ecstatic about, considering I wrote several pieces as far back as 2018 lobbying for her. I'm not the only one happy either, as evidenced by her trending on Twitter after we found out an ARMS character would come to Smash, likely solidifying to Nintendo back in March that they had in fact made the right decision.

Min Min's addition is not just a new character joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but also a brand new series being included, namely Nintendo's unconventional fighting game from 2017 ARMS. In this article, we'll take a brief look at Min Min as a character (a more in-depth look at her playstyle and moveset will be handled by my colleague Justin "AdaptiveTrigger" Gordon), but also what else she brings with her to the game from her home series of ARMS. Without further ado, let's introduce ourselves to Min Min and ARMS.

Min Min as a fighter

As you'd expect from a character hailing from the stretchy-armed game ARMS, Min Min is a long range fighter who excels at keeping her opponents at a distance. There's also a lot of risk to her moves due to their long recovery if they miss or are guarded, though, meaning that if the opponent reads her correctly she'll be left wide open.

Although she's been designed as a strong keepaway character, Sakurai outright said in the presentation that she's a fighter with very clear strengths and weaknesses, and that once the opponent gets in on her she will struggle much more than many others and that she also has difficulty battling opponents approaching her from the air.

While she can keep you at bay quite well with her stretchy attacks if the player has a good read on their opponent, the movement intensity of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coupled with Min Min's fairly telegraphed attacks means she's likely to be a very difficult character to use in one-on-one matches, in other words competitive play.

For all-out brawls with several players, though, Min Min is likely to excel since she can harrass her opponents from afar while still staying at a safe distance as other fighters taking part in the match distract her foes from getting near her.

From a tournament standpoint it's quite possible that she'll be a strong Doubles character pick due to this, but what we can already tell is that she seems like a fantastic character to use when just having fun with friends in a large group.

One of the more interesting areas of the character is the ability to switch ARMS equipment between three different weapons with which she can adjust the way she attacks from afar, giving herself a wider area of attack after the punch or enhancing the power of her attacks themselves at the cost of speed.

Despite seeming to be fairly obvious with her attacks, Min Min also has the ARMS-esque ability of adjusting how her punches fly after she's released them, meaning she can shift her trajectory ever so slightly (how much you can shift this is also related to which weapon you happen to have equipped at the moment).

This will allow Min Min to potentially keep enemies on their toes even if they see the punch coming, and like many zoner-type characters she comes off as pretty improvisational, meaning the player using her will likely have to ad lib quite a bit when throwing out her attacks.

As mentioned earlier, my colleague Justin "AdaptiveTrigger" Gordon made a more detailed breakdown for what to expect from Min Min in actual matches, so please go ahead and check out his much further in-depth moveset breakdown for Min Min right here.

Spring Stadium and all it brings

Let's get this out of the way first — Spring Stadium does not strike me as the type of stage which will be allowed in competitive play.

Although it may appear to be a fairly standard arena to fight on at first glance, there are actually a slew of interesting gimmicks present in the Spring Stadium which will undoubtedly bring life to the party when enjoying more casual-oriented play.

This is a stage where there are springboards to the side of the fighting area which will give you a heavily enhanced jump when you bound off of them sending you soaring high into the sky. This isn't just a jump with increased height, either — the velocity of your character will even make it so that you damage opponents if you happen to jump into them from these special platforms.

That's not all, though, as the stage also has arches stretching across certain parts of the stage's ceiling area. If you launch your opponent upwards, they may end up smashing up against one of these arches instead of flying to the top-level blast zone.

While this may sound like a dumb gimmick which will save your opponents from dying when you first hear it, it's actually something you can use to your advantage to combo them after they bounce off of the arches, something Sakurai himself masterfully showed in Min Min's presentation video, making for even more stylish kills as long as you're attentive.

Both of these factors are what lead me to believe that this isn't likely to be a tournament stage, though moreso the arches at the top of the stage since it'd be easy to perceive the arches above the stage to promote inconsistent results compared to other stages which just have straight up blast zones, and would likely save players from dying in many situations where they otherwise would've lost a stock.

It was also noted that for casual matches, when playing with items on, there will be ARMS drones flying by carrying item boxes even outside of the regular item spawns, which you need to hit until they drop their crates if you want whatever they're carrying.

The tracklist of jamming tunes

In addition to everything else, we'll of course be getting a bunch of music from ARMS as well.

Getting lots of new music to enjoy in what is probably gaming's greatest soundtrack already is always a huge treat, especially when we get to hear brand new remixes of tracks we already love.

With Min Min, there are only two new remixes coming to the game — one of the ARMS main theme and of course one for Min Min's own theme, while all the other character stages are included as direct ports from ARMS along with a few other tracks.

You can find the full tracklist coming with Min Min's release for use on the Spring Stadium stage below.

Brand new remixes for Smash

ARMS Grand Prix Official Theme Song
Ramen Bowl (Min Min's Stage)

Direct ports from ARMS

Spring Stadium (Spring Man's Stage)
Ribbon Ring (Ribbon Girl's Stage)
Ninja College (Ninjara's Stage)
Mausoleum (Master Mummy's Stage)
Scrapyard (Mecahnica's Stage)
Cinema Deux (Twintelle's Stage)
Buster Beach (Byte & Barq's Stage)
Snake Park (Kid Cobra's Stage)
DNA Lab (Helix's Stage)
Sky Arena (Max Brass' Stage)
Via Dolce (Lola Pop's Stage)
Temple Grounds (Misango's Stage)
Sparring Ring (Springtron's Stage)
[NAME REDACTED] (Dr. Coyle's Stage)
VS. Hedlok
ARMS Grand Prix Final Battle

As is customary for a gaming celebration like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Min Min's inclusion isn't just the addition of a character, but a massive love letter to the entirety of ARMS and all of its fans.

It's a great sight to see one of Nintendo's recent smash hits being inducted into the Super Smash Bros. hall of fame even in a post-release fashion thanks to the power of current age DLC.

Min Min will be releasing on June 29th as the first character in the game's Fighter Pass 2 and will be joined by five other as-of-yet unknown combatants.

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