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This taunt into Red Focus bait for Blanka's Ultra in Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the filthiest thing I've seen all week

Sometimes the reads are extra hard

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 19, 2020 at 9:14 a.m. PDT • Comments: 20

The Red Focus Attack mechanic was added very late into Street Fighter 4's lifespan. Debuting in Ultra Street Fighter 4 — the final iteration of the SF4 series — I felt like though Red Focus was utilized in high-level play, there was more to be explored that never really came to be with players moving on to Street Fighter 5 not long after USF4 hit the market.

To this day, fans are still out there playing Ultra Street Fighter 4 and some are still bringing highlights and creative ways to use Red Focus. The parry aficionado Bry19Demon recently shared a clip of his Akuma pulling off one of the filthiest Red Focus sequences I've ever seen and the filthiest thing I've seen all week.

In this online bout, Bry19Demon goes up against a Blanka player. After a quick bread and butter combo into a knockdown, the Akuma taunts Blanka while they're grounded, seemingly letting the full taunt animation rock.

As Blanka gets up, he attempts a big wake up Ultra — which would easily devastate Akuma, a low-health character. Right before the Ultra comes out, however, Bry19Demon activates and holds the Red Focus.

The first hit of the Ultra is absorbed, as well as every single other hit of the powerful attack. Akuma gets the crumple, dashes in, and lands an Ultra of his own for the win.

This entire sequence was a hard read and a bait for the Blanka to counterattack. Not only did the Blanka player get taunted, but they were coaxed into falling into the trap, and it was perfectly executed.

Click image to view clip

Photo credit — Destructoid.

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