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Desk takes on touch of death combo challenge in 7 different fighting games including Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition and some very obscure choices

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 17, 2020 at 11:49 a.m. PDT • Comments: 10

Much of the early fighting game genre wasn't exactly built around high-flying, long combo strings though that hasn't stopped players over the years from breaking their systems down to a point where they can pretty much do whatever they want.

Now, the musical combo master Desk recently challenged themselves to perform touch of death combos in seven different classic fighting games that were not intended to feature them including some very obscure titles from the 90's.

The trial begins with a Marvel-based fighting game, but not one made by Capcom. Instead, Desk pulls out Avengers in Galactic Storm from Data East released back in 1995 which looks to take some pages out of Killer Instinct's books with its presentation.

Starting with Captain America, he juggles Korath into a stun before going in for a super shield rush that pretty much ends things there. He then repeats the feat with both Black Knight and Crystal.

In the arcade version of Mortal Kombat 2, Desk is able to abuse the hell out of Shang Tsung's transformation to find a way to juggle Mileena as Kitana, turning back into the sorcerer for a few hits and finally finish her off with Baraka.

Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition makes a surprise appearance here too though it's easy to see why once you see the mad musician switch his character six times in one combo including hitting Zangief with a Sonic Boom and a Tatsumaki at the same time.

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Moving on to the more obscure titles, Dark Edge represents one of Sega's first forays into bringing the genre to 3D before Virtua Fighter and these ToD combos for the cyberpunk cast appears to be quite the feat to actually pull off.

Osu!! Karate Bu (or Go!! Karate Club) is a Super Famicom game from 1994 that didn't even make it over to the west which we can now see picked apart by Desk.

The final two games are also pretty out there with Twin Goddesses and Angel Eyes both appearing from the PS1 era and actually look really crazy and more modern in their combo approaches compared to the rest.

Desk claims these combos took about two weeks of work to complete with another six or seven games that didn't make the cut. To ensure these were legitimate combos too, he went as far as to use a second controller or map back to a button on his stick so they'd block if a combo was dropped.

We highly suggest taking a few minutes of your day to be entertained by this history lesson Desk is dropping on us all today.

Sent in by AriesWarlock.

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