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If C. Viper were to join Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, could she take cues from her Omega Street Fighter 4 version?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • June 15, 2020 at 7:55 p.m. PDT • Comments: 30

Five characters are slated for release in Season V of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. While we don't know which five characters will be joining the fight yet, C. Viper seems like a solid guess since there are numerous scenes that feature her during the game's story.

How might C. Viper play if she did indeed join the Street Fighter 5 roster? Let's take a look at her Omega Street Fighter 4 version for potential clues.

Her Thunder Knuckle was replaced with a new special known as "Thunder Fist." For the most part, it appears to function similarly to the light and medium versions of her Thunder Knuckle.

Although the animations are different, all strengths for the special cause C. Viper to slide forward. It looks like she's performing Ryu's Solar Plexus Strike with additional lightning effects added on.

Of course, it wouldn't be C. Viper without her ability to cancel into feints. By design, it is intentionally flashy and eye-catching for the sake of baiting reactions out of enemies.

C. Viper's feints were very useful towards her gameplan as she was able to secure additional frame advantage by cancelling into feints from certain normals. This allowed C. Viper to link certain normals together in combos that don't normally work without the feints.

Click image for animated version

Her new Burst Heel essentially functions as a fiery Flash Kick. If incorporated into Street Fighter 5 with invincibility, C. Viper could have a decent defensive option at her disposal.

Uniquely, she is able to cancel the EX version before the final hit connects. By performing the cancel, C. Viper will descend to the ground faster as opposed to just letting the full EX special rip.

Based on how combo heavy and momentum-based Street Fighter 5 is, I can totally see C. Viper being able to pick up juggles while using this cancel.

Alternatively, C. Viper might be able to transition into her Air EX Burning Kick at the cost of an additional bar of meter.

Source: DrewTony'Z.

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