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The PlayStation 5 looks like it's going to be annoying to run fighting game tournaments on

We are going to be fighting over that port first

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 14, 2020 at 12:49 p.m. PDT • Comments: 40

The PlayStation 5 finally received its full unveiling earlier in the week where Sony revealed the look of their next generation console though fighting game players immediately took notice of one particular detail— besides making memes about its appearance.

Much of the talk surrounding the PS5 in the FGC have been discussions surrounding the system's single front-facing USB port where players will need to plug in their arcade sticks and other controllers.

This presents an awkward scenario where by default players will essentially be left playing a game of musical chairs or rock paper scissors to see who would get the coveted front USB input.

That's not to say the other would be left out in the dust, however, considering there's almost assuredly going to be at least one or two more on the back of the PS5 — though we have yet to see the rear of the console itself.

Major tournament organizers like Alex Valle and Rick "TheHadou" have called the move "whack" when cable space and placement is already at a premium for larger scale events where letting players mess around behind the console could bring more issues.

A simple solution to this controller problem would be to purchase a separate USB hub that both players could plug into. The extra strain of buying additional peripherals for every setup is not something that TOs are too keen on right now, however, considering all offline events have been shut down for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus.

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Some then proposed the question on whether or not those USB hubs would introduce input latency for players given the sensitive nature of fighting games and lag though that hopefully will not be an issue.

Back in 2017, Battle(non)sense ran extensive testing on input latency in regards to USB hubs, but found next to no difference whatsoever compared to the built in ports though this test was done on PC and not console.

You've also probably already seen these hubs at tournaments with streaming setups that both players use instead of the console itself too.

Another potential solution could come from the second actual port that's on the front of the PS5 which for USB C inputs. Some speculate that Sony's DualSense controller may use USB C to USB C connections to avoid the problem all together.

USB C to USB adapters can be found on places like Amazon for less than $10 USD.

Discussions like these are nothing new for the Xbox playerbase considering the Xbox One already only featured one front (side) port, and the Xbox Series X will be repeating that stance as well — though it'll have an additional two in the back.

No fighting game titles have been announced yet for either next generation console, so there's still time to figure out the best / standard way to handle tournaments in the future.

Image sources: Pixabay.

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