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Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath patch notes released for June 10 update

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 10, 2020 at 11:42 a.m. PDT • Comments: 3

We're just a couple weeks out from Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath's initial launch, and there's already a new update ready to download for most players right now.

Warner Bros. has released the patch notes for the 06/10 update for Mortal Kombat 11 which should now be live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users featuring some gameplay adjustments for a good portion of the cast among other changes.

There are a total of eight characters singled out for adjustment this time around D'Vorah, Erron Black, Kabal, Kitana, Kotal Kahn, Kung Lao, Noob Saibot and Fujin.

The god of wind is the main area of focus with the most amount of changes this patch though most of them are just visual bug fixes except one that was pretty bad for his Fatal Blow.

As a small but nice gesture, the find next opponent option is once again the default selection at the end of a ranked set while also no longer requiring an extra button press.

You can find the full patch notes on the Mortal Kombat support website for WB Games, and we'll be updating this story with the list of changes here as well.

General Gameplay Adjustments

• Move list corrections

• Fixed a rare Audio related game freezing issue

• Fixed some issues with certain attacks using the incorrect Augment Elemental Type

• Adjusted some overlapping text Menus regarding Augments

Kombat League / Online

• "Find Next Opponent" is once again the first option at the end of a Ranked set and no longer requires a confirmation

Towers of Time

• Fixed some rare issues with the Downburst Augment

• Missing Towers of Time for some players should be now be working correctly

• Optimized performance in Towers of Time

Stage Specific Adjustments

• Kronika's Keep - Adjusted how some special moves interact with an opponent hit by the Time Orb Background Interaction


• Bombardier Beetle & Bombardier Beetle Amplify can now only be parried by low projectile parries

Erron Black

• The first 3 hits of Ghost Koins (Fatal Blow) no longer allow for Breakaway


• Fixed an issue with Buzzsaws playing an incorrect animation when hitting an opponent


• Fixed a rare issue that could result in the Armor from Augment Kahnt Touch This to remain active after certain circumstances

Kotal Kahn

• Adjusted Totem buffs values when there are 2 or more stacks of Totems on screen

• The first hit of Pinned Down (Fatal Blow) no longer allows for Breakaway

Kung Lao

• The first hit of Beaten And Broken (Fatal Blow) no longer allows for Breakaway

Noob Saibot

• Shadow Klones will no longer sometimes continue to animate when hit by some projectile parries

• Shadow Slide can now only be parried by low projectile parries


• Adjusted wind effects on opponent's cloth physics when Bending Wind (Away + Back Punch) is performed

• The final hit of Warped Needle Amplify now correctly works after it has been previously Flawless Blocked

• Fixed an issue with Fujin's Krossbow using an incorrect animation when winning a match under certain circumstances

• Fujin no longer sometimes has incorrect Gear Abilities in some Story Mode fights

• The first hit of Winds Of Change (Fatal Blow) no longer allows for Breakaway

• You can no longer do an extended combo against your opponent after Finish Him with Warped Needle until the Fatality window timeout has occurred

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