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A possible hint from back in 2018 may clue us in to the identities of Street Fighter 5's final five characters

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 4, 2020 at 7:55 p.m. PDT • Comments: 108

We've known for about a week now that the story isn't quite over for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as Capcom has revealed plans to add one last burst of DLC content that will include no less than five additional roster members.

There's been plenty of speculating and hoping as community members comment their wish lists and politely discuss in comment threads and on social media who they feel would make for the best newcomers, but we actually have a possible lead that's been sitting around since the middle of 2018.

Fans of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection had a few options with pre-orders, one of which offered a special 22-pack of tarot cards featuring Street Fighter characters from over the last three decades.

These cards included roster members that dated back all the way to Street Fighter 1 but also featured G, a character who was not introduced until Street Fighter 5. We currently have 16 of the fighters represented on the cards on SF5's roster, which leaves five who are not.

The characters in question are none other than Rose, Oro, C. Viper, Elena, and Rolento, and so we're left to ponder whether or not Capcom plans to ultimately add these five into Season 5 of SF... 5.

Some of these potential newcomers would more than likely strike a chord with a percentage of fans as Elena, for instance, was often regarded as Street Fighter 4's most frustrating opponent to do combat with thanks to her ability to heal as well as her odd hurtboxes.

Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #4 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #8 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #16 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #11 Street Fighter 30th anniversary tarot cards image #14

As far as the final batch of DLC being a popularity contest goes, one would assume Makoto would have to be a prime pick. The Street Fighter 3 character placed second on Capcom's character popularity poll and is often brought up in those aforementioned polite discussions found in comment and social media threads.

We've actually talked about Makoto's potential on our weekly podcast a few times now, and one of the biggest arguments against her inclusion seems to be the fact that her traditional design would likely be overpowered in the SF5 meta.

We've long heard rumors about Rose, Oro, and C. Viper as all three have repeatedly come up as front runners during speculation for previous SF5 seasons.

Rolento seems the least likely of the bunch as he's not among the franchise's most widely beloved and he's the one we've heard the least rumblings about.

You can view the tarot cards via the gallery above, and we'd love to hear your thoughts as to whether or not these five would be strong picks for a roster round out.

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