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'Our team is discussing critical user interface issues to create the finalized design' — Guilty Gear Strive developers address concerns on the UI

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • June 3, 2020 at 9:19 a.m. PDT • Comments: 20

Arc System Works' first entry in their "Developer's Backyard" series revealed interesting details about the direction that they're taking with Guilty Gear Strive. Previously, we covered stories that talked about the most highly-requested characters as well Arc System Works addressing concerns regarding the game's damage and gatling system.

According to the the feedback collected from the beta testers, Guilty Gear Strive's user interface was the element that received the second poorest rating. The user interface's score among the testers averaged between "bad" and "average" (2.00 - 3.00).

"We’ve made it so that the Burst icon moves as the health bar drains in order to minimize the amount of eye movement required to check each gauge," said Mr. Ishiwatari. "We’ve intentionally made the R.I.S.C. gauge less visible to reduce the number of gauges that first-time players try to be aware of."

"The hit counter is so big because in previous games, it’s been difficult to see the number of hits due to being hidden by the character models (or vice-versa)," continued Mr. Ishiwatari. "This is an attempt at fixing that issue."

It appears that the feedback on these issues is overwhelming enough to make the team reconsider what they want to do with the user interface. While it's not definitively confirmed, this could result in changes before the game's release in 2021. Since what took place was the beta, the designs are probably not finalized yet.

"However, we’ve received many opinions looking critically at the user interface in terms of visibility and design," stated Mr. Ishiwatari. "As of now, we are seriously considering everyone's comments, and our team is discussing these critical issues to create the finalized design."

Combined with the 3D camera movement, players mentioned that it was very difficult to keep up with the action. Some have even declared that the gameplay gave them motion sickness.

According to Mr. Ishiwatari and Mr. Katano, they are looking for ways to address these issues while still challenging themselves to "include new camera work like never seen before." The goal is to incorporate camera movement in a more balanced manner.

Finally, Mr. Ishiwatari addressed a concern about the user interface design not being "rock" enough...

"Regarding the user interface in general, we’ve seen many comments that the design isn’t “rock” enough. Rest assured, we will make it rock!" declared Mr. Ishiwatari.

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