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Poison rips Akuma's life bar apart with two meters and V-Trigger 1 in this Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition combo clip

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 3, 2020 at 6:14 a.m. PDT • Comments: 22

One of Poison's strongest tactics in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is her ability to use a combination of V-Trigger 1 and some EX meter to quickly tack on the damage. Throwing out a molotov cocktail with VT1 spreads a carpet of flames across the floor that causes damage to the opponent if they're inside that area, and Poison can use specific combos and set ups to keep them there for some truly devastating punishes.

A great example of one of these punishes was recently shared on Twitter by Tyrant. This has to be about as optimal as it gets, with Tyrant's Poison landing a major combo on an Akuma that destroys his life bar.

After a quick standing heavy punch into a flip kick, Tyrant baits the Akuma's reversal EX Dragon Punch and blocks it. From there, we see a quick activation into V-Trigger and a neutral jump that comes down with a counter hit heavy kick.

For big DP punishes like this, getting optimal damage often means popping V-Trigger first — instead of cancelling into it which causes the damage to scale — and hitting a counter hit jump in attack instead of a Crush Counter for a better follow up. Tyrant did both here, and the damage output absolutely reflects that.

A standing heavy punch whip cancel link kicks things off as it is special cancelled into a low EX whip and then the first molotov. Light whip strike continues the juggle and leads into the second molotov, and from there Akuma is kept inside the flames with a mid EX whip.

At the start of this sequence, Akuma sits with about 70% of his life bar. This single sequence lobs off another 50% or so, and it's all gone in a matter of a few seconds acting as further proof of just how devastating Poison can be.

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