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Where do the Street Fighter 5 tier lists sit nearly 6 months after Champion Edition's launch?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 2, 2020 at 6 a.m. PDT • Comments: 21

Sometimes it feels longer, but we're getting close to hitting the six month mark without any new characters or notable balance changes in Street Fighter 5 which has let the game's meta evolve in some different ways while we continue to lack traditional tournaments.

This shift to almost exclusively online has certainly made some characters seem even better though that could also be attributed to the buffs given out for Champion Edition. Many still seem to agree on who are among the best, however.

Taking a look at our own community tier list, there's a clear upper echelon taking place though that doesn't mean the overall numbers aren't still very close for many on the 40-man roster.

G sits firmly and strongly in the number one position in the rankings with his high-low-grab mixup game shining even harder online though the guy with very similar V-Trigger setups is not that far behind in Urien.

These rankings fit quite nicely with the EventHubs team as well considering Catalyst, MajinTenshinhan, DreamKing and Velociraptor all had the fighters in the top 5 of their tier lists though none of them made it past second place.

That honor went to Akuma for each while the community voters have the demon at number three overall because even after his nerfs, he still has all of the tools he needs to succeed.

Seth is seen as one of the biggest threats in the game right now by many players, especially in Japan, and although they are rising through the ranks, the SF4 boss is only at number 17 just ahead of Abigail.

Snapshots of where the four-year-old game is at now are likely soon going to change with Capcom confirming they'll be announcing more characters on August 5.

Below you'll find how the EventHubs tier list for Street Fighter 5 currently sits which you can vote on with your own match up knowledge for the game or any other covered on the website.

Street Fighter 5 August tiers image #1 Street Fighter 5 August tiers image #2
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